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Hundreds of Tenants Protest at NY State Capitol Building for 'Good Cause' Eviction Law

A Good Cause law would ban evictions in most cases, except for where a tenant has violated their lease or when a landlord wishes to live in the unit.
Roshan Abraham
38 minutes ago

Someone Tell Chuck Norris That This 'Bulletproof' Coffee Is 20% Off

Will one sip of Bulletproof's high-octane brew make you fluent in nunchaku? Maybe.
Gregory Babcock
4 hours ago

Queer Imposter Syndrome Is Real. Here’s How People Deal With It.

“During my early days of dating, I felt like a fake queer, because I hadn’t had any sexual experiences with women yet.”
Milou Deelen
4 hours ago

Bibles Banned From Utah Schools After Parent Demanded Its Removal

The parent wrote that the Bible's “incest, onanism, bestiality, prostitution, genital mutilation, fellatio, dildos, rape, and even infanticide" should make it illegal in schools under Utah's book-banning laws.
Samantha Cole
5 hours ago

Oath Keepers Are Going to Prison, But They’re Not Going Away

“Some of these militia groups have gone underground... they’re being a bit more discreet with their organizing and their recruitment.”
Todd Zwillich
5 hours ago
Jeffrey Epstein

Here Are All the Newly Released Epstein Files

A batch of thousands of new documents released by the Bureau of Prisons sheds more light on the last days of the notorious sexual predator.
Anna Merlan
Tim Marchman
5 hours ago
Jeffrey Epstein

A Math Professor Suggested a Jailed Jeffrey Epstein Give Him Money to Repair His Image in the Black Community

“Our accepting your $5 million will show the world you are not a pariah and may help you avoid a conviction like Bill Cosby.”
Anna Merlan
Tim Marchman
6 hours ago
East Side Access

New York May Have Actually Lost Transit Riders by Building An $11 Billion Train Station

East Side Access, long delayed and over cost, finally opened, but it isn’t drawing new riders and may actually be scaring some away.
Aaron Gordon
6 hours ago

Astronomers Discover Hundreds of Mysterious 'Structures' at the Center of Our Galaxy

“It’s a large region that is very rich in structures and we're basically studying them one at a time,” said one researcher.
Becky Ferreira
6 hours ago

Many Buttholes Were Made for the Egg Game in ‘I Think You Should Leave’

How a nude egg captured all our hearts.
Matthew Gault
6 hours ago

China Is Digging a 10,000-Meter Hole

There are two purposes for the borehole: one is for scientific exploration and the other is to find oil and gas. 
Chloe Xiang
6 hours ago

Why Is Syria’s Dictatorship Being Rehabilitated? Captagon.

The amphetamine has become massive across the Middle East, fuelled by the Syrian dictator’s war machine. Now, he's being embraced by other leaders – if he cracks down on the drug.
Mohammed Rasool
7 hours ago