Games Reviews

'Sable' Asks You to Find Your Place in a World With Few Signposts

For mostly better and occasionally for worse, 'Sable' is a game of wanderings, not of missions.
Cameron Kunzelman
5 hours ago

The Best Sex Toys and Lubes for Prostate Orgasms

Never played with your P-zone? These are the best vibrators and plugs for beginners and prostate prospectors alike.
Mary Frances Knapp
6 hours ago
Astro Guide

Daily Horoscope: September 23, 2021

The moon enters Taurus today.
Annabel Gat
6 hours ago

The Best Gifts for Libras, Other Than Endless Attention

Your Libra bud deserves fancy candles, golden vibrators, a romantic art book on Christo and Jeanne-Claude, and more.
Mary Frances Knapp
7 hours ago
Bernie Sanders

A Bernie Mittens Costume Is Selling on Dolls Kill for $85

E-girl fashion website Dolls Kill is selling a Halloween costume that riffs on Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and his mittens on Inauguration Day.
Emma Ockerman
8 hours ago

Bipartisan Police Reform Bill Is Officially Dead in Congress

Democratic Sen. Cory Booker and his GOP counterpart, Sen. Tim Scott, had been negotiating a bipartisan police reform bill for months. But it just died.
Cameron Joseph
8 hours ago

Did the Internet Actually Help Find Gabby Petito?

For more than a week, online detectives obsessed over helping police solve the disappearance of Gabby Petito. Now that her body’s been found, did any of it matter?
Matthew Gault
9 hours ago
gabby petito

What We Know About the Search for Gabby Petito’s Fiancé, Brian Laundrie

Brian Laundrie is currently missing. He's also a “person of interest” in the Gabby Petito investigation, according to the FBI.
Paul Blest
9 hours ago

The Bees in 'My Girl' Prepared Me for the Horrors of Real Life

Did 80s and 90s children's entertainment traumatize the entire millennial generation? Or did it equip us for the shocks and setbacks of adulthood?
MM Carrigan
10 hours ago

Brazil’s Health Minister Flipped Off New York Protesters—Then Tested Positive for COVID

Led by President Bolsonaro, Brazil’s delegation to the UN General Assembly committed a series of blunders that mortified many Brazilians.
Charlotte Peet
10 hours ago

Grisly GOAT Goat Gores Girl Grizzly Gruesomely

All hail the greatest goat of all time, the goat that killed a grizzly bear.
Mack Lamoureux
11 hours ago
Tech news

Shocking: Snoop Dogg Is Not a White NFT Influencer In Italy

Snoop Dogg doxed himself as anonymous NFT influencer Cozomo de' Medici, but it appears we're almost certainly being CryptoPunk'd.
Jordan Pearson
Jason Koebler
11 hours ago