The Ugly Truth Behind Pornhub's 'Year In Review'

Pornhub put out a cute press release about which celebrities were searched for most on its site. What it doesn’t say is that many of these search results turn up deepfake porn of those celebrities.
Samantha Cole
34 minutes ago
climate crisis

Binging Less Netflix Isn’t Going to Stop Climate Change

Not watching 'The Witcher' is not going to save the planet.
Jake Pitre
34 minutes ago

Pepe's Creator Knows That Stupid Frog Will Follow Him Forever

Artists Matt Furie opens up about how his creation changed his life and changed the internet in a new documentary.
Matthew Gault
34 minutes ago
Games Features

What Made People Think 'Heavy Rain' Was a Great Game

Once near the forefront of a revolution in narrative game design, why did 'Heavy Rain' fade so fast into irrelevance?
Cameron Kunzelman
34 minutes ago

The Life, Death, and Rebirth of New York City's Most Resilient Dive Bar

Sasha and Lee Lloyd overcame abuse, homelessness, depression, and betrayal to open The Hard Swallow—and they'll do anything to protect it.
Drew Schwartz
34 minutes ago

German Chocolate Cake Recipe

Moist, chocolatey, and sweet...basically the perfect cake.
Norah Littleton
2 hours ago
Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts Just Filed for Bankruptcy in the Face of Thousands of Sex Abuse Claims

The filing will help shield the Boy Scouts from the prospect of compensating hundreds, if not thousands, of alleged sex abuse victims.
Carter Sherman
2 hours ago
Mike Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg in 2011: ‘Enormous Cohort’ of Young Black and Latino Men ‘Don’t Know How to Behave in the Workplace’

Bloomberg made the comments to PBS while promoting a multi-million dollar Young Men's Initiative when he was mayor of New York City.
Paul Blest
20 hours ago

LEAK: Secret Documents Show How China Targets Muslims for 'Re-Education' Camps — and Spies on Their Families

The vast majority of people were interned for mundane behavior like wearing a hijab, having “thick beards,” visiting a foreign website, or applying for a passport.
Isobel Yeung
Nicole Bozorgmir
a day ago

14 Americans Evacuated From a Cruise Ship Have Now Tested Positive for Coronavirus

The hundreds who didn't will still have to spend another two weeks in quarantine, after spending almost two weeks isolated on the ship.
Paul Blest
a day ago

New German Terror Cell ‘The Hard Core’ Planned to Attack Mosques to Start a Civil War

The group was planning 10 coordinated attacks inspired by the one in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Tim Hume
a day ago

Mark Zuckerberg Is Literally Begging Europe to Regulate Facebook: ‘It Will Be Better for Everyone’

But experts say he is once again abdicating responsibility for the worst content on the platform and lobbying to keep regulations toothless.
David Gilbert
a day ago