Black Musicians Are Driving Australia's Rock 'n' Roll Revival

Building on what has come before in the rock ‘n’ roll genre, Black Australian artists draw inspiration from their surroundings to continue the legacy of Black musical innovation.
Crissy Collins
37 minutes ago
Australia Today

Vape Seller Has ‘No Intention of Stopping’ Shipments To Australia, Despite Ban

The New Zealand-based seller issued a notice to its Australian customers that shipments will continue regardless of the government's vape reform.
Adele Luamanuvae
3 days ago

Things to Do in Melbourne this Weekend

Here’s your one stop shop for everywhere you ought to be, everything you ought to see, and all the best things to do in Melbourne this weekend.
VICE Staff
3 days ago
Australia Today

News Corp Journalist Offered to Write Defence Article of Zachary Rolfe After He Shot Indigenous Teenager

Texts between then-News Corp journalist Kristin Shorten and Zacary Rolfe were read as part of a coronial inquest on Wednesday.
Aleksandra Bliszczyk
4 days ago
Australia Today

The Australian Government Is Hiring Anti-Vape Influencers

The “influencer-led youth vaping campaign” aims to target people aged 14 to 20 and combat vape misinformation and "vapefluencer" social media content.
Aleksandra Bliszczyk
5 days ago
Australia Today

NSW Police Uninvited From Mardi Gras Parade

NSW police have had their Mardi Gras invitation revoked after an officer was charged with the murder of a gay couple last week.
Arielle Richards
Australia Today

A 12-Month Review of Australia's Broken Education Sector Has Released

The government's final review, the Australian Universities Accord, took over a year and is the largest in over a decade.
Brad Esposito

Why I’m Friends With All My Ex Boyfriends’ Exes

It always helps to find someone who knows just how you feel.
Jewel Nichols
Astro Guide

Weekly Horoscope: February 26 - March 3

There’s a special alignment of Mercury, Saturn, and the sun.
Randon Rosenbohm

How it Feels to Be a Queer Palestinian in Exile

Son of a famous Palestinian resistance fighter, artist Hamza Abuhamdia opens up about juggling the multiple facets of his identity.
Thémis Belkhadra

The Best Bedside Lamps (for Better Sleep, Sex, and Ambiance)

Sex, reading, snoozing—everything is better by the glow of the best bedside lamps, from Japanese lanterns to glass mushrooms.
Mary Frances "Francky" Knapp

The Best Deals This Week, From Samsonite Luggage to Ooni Pizza Ovens

We’re gearing up for spring with fire deals on Dagne Dover travel bags, Diptyque freebies, and Dyson cordless vacuums.
Nicolette Accardi