The Lingering Effects of Wildfires Will Disproportionately Hurt People of Color

The health impacts of wildfire aftermath can be far-reaching—and they're an often overlooked part of racial health disparities.
L. Parshley
3 days ago

What an Addiction Doctor Wants You to Know About Treating Addiction

Some advice on how best to support your loved ones.
Shayla Love
5 days ago
Parental Advisory

Why Am I Lying to My Child About Santa?

I took a look at the effect this is having on her little brain.
Becca Tucker
It's Science

'Cute Aggression' Is the Desire to Crush Adorable Things

A portion of people have it, and researchers think they might know why.
Shayla Love
4 days ago
Tonic Specials

The Opioid Effect: An Ohio Family Rebuilds After Addiction

As part of our ongoing investigation of the opioid epidemic, VICE spent a day in Chillicothe, Ohio following a social worker and meeting a family still dealing with the impact of their daughter's addiction to heroin.

LSD Changes Something About The Way You Perceive Time

We measure time in set amounts— seconds, minutes, and hours. But the way time feels is more slippery. 
Shayla Love

These Are Some of the Most Unusual Ways People Say They've Achieved Orgasm

The answers ranged from swimming to riding a horse to getting a tattoo.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
4 days ago
mental health

To Understand Delusions, We Need To Listen To People With Delusional Beliefs

A new radio series interviews people with delusions of all kinds, from believing you are dead to thinking you are the second coming of the messiah.
Shayla Love
5 days ago
mental health

Lifting Weights Has a Surprising Effect on Mental Health

In a new paper, researchers took a closer look at the connection between depression, anxiety, and working out.
Christian Finn
5 days ago
Doctor's Note

When a Single Choice Is Life or Death for Your Patient

A doctor is faced with a devastating decision.
Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD

This Is Why Being Anxious Makes Some People Puke

And how to get it together when you really need to not throw up.
Kimberly Truong
This Week in Science

Scientists Have Made Mini Brains That Behave Like Real Human Brains

It’s the first time that brain organoids have spontaneously produced brain waves similar to human brain activity.
Shayla Love