How to Avoid the Disease-Carrying Insects That Will Be Everywhere This Summer

The number of reported illnesses from mosquito, tick, and flea bites has more than tripled since 2004.
Carson Kessler
STD Glossary

Zika: Symptoms, Treatments, and Facts

Yes, Zika is an STD—here's how not to catch it.
Alexandra Ossola

An Unlikely Weapon Against Aggressive Brain Cancer: The Zika Virus

Zika, doing something good for humanity for a change.
Jesse Hicks
drug pricing

Bernie Sanders Proposes Rule to Lower Prices of Drugs Developed with Tax Dollars

It would require pharma companies to charge fair prices for drugs that result from federally funded research.
Jesse Hicks
Living With It

What It's Like to Get Temporarily Paralyzed

Nothing is as important as the exquisite ability to stand on my own two feet, something most people take for granted. I know all about this entitlement because I once had it too.
Jenny Klion
Motherboard Homepage

‘Six Months Of Hell’: Zika Is Hitting Some Travellers Harder Than Expected

A new study finds that a group of Canadian travellers experienced severe complications more often than anticipated.
Kate Lunau
Daily Buzzkill

The 10 Lowest Health Moments of 2016

All the bad news you'll need to be the savviest Debbie Downer at the cocktail party.
Margot Bigg
What I'm Freaking Out About

How We're Screwing Ourselves Out of New Cancer Drugs and Zika Meds

Coral reefs are a drug-development goldmine, and as a result of bleaching we're killing our chances of using them in lifesaving treatments.
Maggie Puniewska