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Mississippi Governor Signs Country's Earliest Abortion Ban Into Law

There are no exceptions in HB 1510​ ​for rape or incest, and the state was immediately sued for defying Supreme Court precedent.
Susan Rinkunas
Phys Ed

How to Claim Your Space as a Woman in the Weight Room

I did it over a decade ago and never looked back.
Saysha Heinzman

Should Doctors Screen Women of Color for Breast Cancer Even Earlier?

Researchers say current screening guidelines don’t take into account racial differences in when breast cancer develops or how aggressive it is.
Jessica Migala
mental health

The Ripple Effect of Postpartum Depression

How can we stop a pattern of depression in its tracks?
Mary Sauer
the anti-science presidency

An Abstinence-Only Advocate Has the Final Say on Who Gets Family Planning Grants

A single person controls the nation's Title X family planning budget for the first time since the 80s​.
Susan Rinkunas

Trump's New Health Office Is Protecting Doctors' Right to Deny Care

The Office for Civil Rights is setting the stage for an unprecedented expansion in providers' ability to deny procedures like abortion, sterilization, and physician-assisted death.
Emmarie Huetteman, Kaiser Health News
the anti-science presidency

Trump’s Family Planning Program Will Prioritize Less Effective Kinds of Birth Control

Dramatic changes in the guidelines for Title X family planning grants could affect the types of birth control women have access to.
Susan Rinkunas

Serena Williams Advocates for Maternal Healthcare After She Says She Almost Died

"Every mother, everywhere, regardless of race or background deserves to have a healthy pregnancy and birth."
Susan Rinkunas
women's health

We Need More Male Doulas

As the family dynamics shifts, so does the need for a more diverse birthing community.
Laura Dorwart
mental health

The Health Repercussions of Being a Latina Nanny

Job insecurity, stigma, and the disparity in privilege are all factors that take a toll on women of color who work in childcare.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria
Parental Advisory

A Nurse Called the Cops on a New Mom Who Wanted Depression Treatment

Jessica Porten went to a doctor's appointment with her daughter, Kira, to get help with postpartum depression. The nurse called California police.
April Dembosky, KQED

Pharmacists in California Can Prescribe Birth Control, But Few Do

Researchers went undercover and were surprised at how few pharmacies were willing to do it.
Abigail Fagan