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Women Become Dependent on Porn for Different Reasons Than Men Do

“I would skip breakfast and dinner and stay up all hours of the night watching porn, just to watch it."
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

A Woman Died From a Botched Abortion After Other Providers Couldn’t Help Her

Even in liberal states like New York, restrictions on abortion can have unintended consequences.
Sarika Chawla
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A Psychiatrist Told Us Why Her Patient Killed Her Children

In 2016, Carol Coronado was sentenced to three life prison terms for the murder of her three daughters.
Melissa Pandika
What's Freaking Me Out

When the Rare Birth Control Pill Side Effect Happens to You

Stomach pain and asthma are occasionally linked to hormonal contraception.
Natasha Preskey

Organic Cotton Tampons Don't Protect You From Toxic Shock Syndrome

A new study challenges the idea that cotton tampons and menstrual cups are less risky than traditional tampons when it comes to TSS.
Susan Rinkunas

Statue Celebrating Doctor Who Experimented on Slaves Moved From Central Park

J. Marion Sims, lauded as the “father of modern gynecology,” experimented on female slaves without consent or anesthesia.
Rajul Punjabi

These Doulas Are Making Pregnancy Safer for Women of Color

"It’s not our bodies that are broken. We need to look at all the other external factors that are making childbirth more dangerous.”
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria
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This Is What it's Like to Experience Menopause at 31

I struggle to feel sexy knowing that I have the hormone levels of an older woman.
Risa Kerslake

Antibiotics Don’t Make Birth Control Less Effective

Your doctor may have told you to use condoms when he handed you an antibiotic prescription, but he's almost certainly wrong.
Jessica Migala
Phys Ed

I'm a Perfectly Healthy Runner—So Why Do I Keep Getting Injured?

The minute I had to forfeit my marathon bib, I knew I had to get to the bottom of this.
Alexandra Spiroff
Bodily Functions

Everything You Want to Know About Queefing

“Air can become entrapped in these folds and when it’s released, voila. You have a queef.”
Richard Greenhill
birth control

Texas Is Asking for a Pretty Big Change to Medicaid’s Birth Control Program

Medicaid family planning programs reduce unplanned births, but some states are caught in disputes over abortion. The Trump administration is weighing whether to give Texas millions of dollars for its program even though it bars abortion providers.
Phil Galewitz and Anna Gorman, Kaiser Health News