Women Aren’t Being Warned About the Sexual Side Effects of The LEEP Procedure

In some, this standard treatment for an abnormal Pap smear has devastating results.
Jessica Furseth
Advice for Anxious People

How to Be Less Anxious About Traveling

It’s easy to let the nightmare of missing a train or flight go to your head.
Christian Jarrett
Phys Ed

Not Getting Enough Sleep Makes it a Lot Harder to Get in Shape

Among other things, sleep deprivation has been shown to increase the loss of muscle when you go on a diet.
Christian Finn

We Looked Into Whether 'Baby Fever' Is a Real Thing

Psychology can tell us a lot about why some people suddenly become obsessed with having a baby.
Julie Stewart

A Computer Scientist Proposed a Way to Build a Non-Creepy Sex Robot

She describes herself as a "robosexologist."
Eric Spitznagel
hard data

We Fantasize About Our Romantic Partners More Than Anyone Else

By contrast, fewer than one in ten people say they fantasize frequently about celebrities, porn stars, politicians, or other famous people.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD

These Are the Lies People Tell Each Other Most Often on Dating Apps

All of them could be categorized into one of two distinct types.
David Markowitz

The History of Sadomasochism Is Strange, Dark, and Occasionally Sweet

The ideas behind it originated in some dark places but have become much less creepy and more consensual over time.
Eric Spitznagel
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One in Five Men Feel Sad After They Have Sex, Study Finds

This phenomenon, known as postcoital dysphoria, has increasingly been discussed by researchers and therapists over the last decade.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
Collective Intelligence

Humans Could Be Smarter In Groups, If Their Groups Had These Features

Collective intelligence is seen throughout the natural world, like in flocks of birds or schools of fish. Here's how humans could tap into their own kind of collective intelligence.
Shayla Love
hard data

Married Women Orgasm Less Often Than Their Husbands Think They Do

A new study of 1,700 married couples reveals that if we want to close the orgasm gap, we first need to close the orgasm perception gap.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD

Our Ancient Ancestors Would Crush Us in a Fitness Competition

We’ve evolved into a bunch of out of shape weaklings.
Michael Easter