Weight Loss

It's usually good for you.

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Does Intermittent Fasting Make You Lose Muscle or Fat?

Two new studies shed light on the fear that people will end up losing more muscle than they would on a regular diet.
Christian Finn
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How to Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle

Everything you need to know about how to train, what and when you should eat, and the importance of a better night's sleep.
K. Aleisha Fetters
Eat This

What Is the CICO Diet and Can it Help You Lose Weight?

Here’s everything you should know before you try it.
Colleen de Bellefonds
Phys Ed

Your Body Type Should Not Determine How You Work Out

Somatotyping doesn't work. You’re better off experimenting with different approaches to diet and exercise, and adjusting what you do based on how your body responds.
Christian Finn
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Your Muscles Don't Always Need a Day of Rest Between Workouts

A new study shows that rest is not as important to muscle growth as was previously thought.
Christian Finn
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How to Lose Weight and Get Back in Shape

A personal trainer explains why you don’t need a detox, a fad diet, or a boutique workout to burn fat and build muscle.
Christian Finn

Are Session Beers Healthier for You?

In a new study, people drank about 20 percent more beer and wine when it was labelled “super low.”
Nick Keppler
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Losing Weight Revealed Little Tumors All Over My Body

Lipomas are apparently harmless, but I still want them gone.
Grant Stoddard
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Some CrossFit Gyms Feature Pictures of These Puking, Bleeding Clowns

Only the most dedicated CrossFitters will recall 'Uncle Rhabdo' and 'Pukie.'
Mark Hay
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This 'Weight-Loss Balloon' Procedure Is Landing People in the Hospital

The FDA has issued three safety alerts about gastric balloons like Orbera and ReShape. At least seven deaths have been connected to the devices in the US, while others have had to be hospitalized.
Joy Victory
Phys Ed

This Is How Your Body Adapts to Working Out in Hot Weather

I trained in a high-tech “sweat lab” with elite athletes to find out.
Grant Stoddard
Fighting Words

CrossFit Is a Home for Queer People Like Me

This week a high-ranking employee made homophobic statements, but the organization on the whole has shown itself to be an ally.
Spenser Mestel