The HIV-Positive Inmate Who Spent a Year in Solitary for Having Consensual Sex

John Dorn's case stands to change wider prison policy around HIV criminalization.
Sony Salzman

Exactly What Happens to Your Body When You Catch the Flu

Most symptoms are actually caused by your immune system's response to the virus.
Laura Haynes
This Week in Science

Research Has Probably Been Overstating How Smart Dogs Are

And other science headlines you don't want to miss.
Shayla Love
What's Freaking Me Out

San Fransisco's Homeless Crisis Is Now a Poop Crisis

The city is overrun with people who have nowhere to relieve themselves—and that's a problem for any resident, whether they have a home or not.
Matthew Terrell
survival guide

This Is What It Would Take to Turn a Virus Into a Weapon

“A well-funded organization with scientific expertise and the resources to grow, manipulate, or release agents, and the motivation to actually use them—that’s the worst case scenario."
Abigail Fagan
Asking for a friend

How Gross Is It to Eat Buffet Food?

Well, an infectious diseases specialist called them "cesspools for bacteria."
Ryan Brown

8 Things People Still Get Wrong About HPV

Setting the record straight on America's most common STD.
Emily Cassel
climate change

Climate Change Could Cause More Deadly Infections Worldwide

“It takes an enormous toll on human health, it causes massive suffering, and it’s something to be taken very seriously.”
Michelle Malia
Hypochondriacs Unite

The Germaphobe's Guide to Sharing a Joint

Could smoking in a cypher, which is theoretically like tongue kissing everyone in it, land you a stomach virus?
Shannon Thomas
STD Glossary

Everything You Need to Know About HPV

You probably have, have had, or will have HPV at some point.
Sarah Kasbeer
STD Glossary

Everything You Need to Know About Molloscum Contagiosum

Molloscum Contagiosum—or MC—is an STD that's part of the pox family of viruses.
Eric Spitznagel
end times

A Major Avian Influenza Outbreak Could Kill 62 Million People

“It’s just a matter of when it happens, how it happens, and how deadly it's going to be.”
Michelle Malia