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Why Some Young Vets Are Becoming Personal Trainers

"If veterans can take their skills—the teaching others, the physical fitness, and the service element—and they can make a career out of it, it’s like they never left the service. They’re doing the same thing except they don’t have a gun in their hands."
Rajul Punjabi

A New Documentary Shows How Vets Are Using Weed and Ayahuasca to Treat PTSD

Approximately 20 vets take their own lives every day. Could using ayahuasca and weed to treat mental illness improve that statistic?
Kevin Franciotti

This Is How a Wounded Veteran Got a Penis Transplant

The man lost his genitals and both legs above the knee when a bomb exploded in Afghanistan.
Susan Rinkunas

Doctors at the VA Can Officially Talk to Patients About Using Weed

New guidance directs VA staff to discuss with veterans how their use of medical marijuana could interact with other prescriptions or aspects of their care.
Michelle Andrews, Kaiser Health News

Inside the Fight to Study Marijuana for Vets with PTSD

The VA won't help recruit veterans for an FDA-approved trial.
Shelby Hartman
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The First Study on Marijuana for Vets With PTSD Is in Danger of Being Shut Down

The researchers haven’t been able to recruit enough subjects.
Ed Cara

Ecstasy Is Now Being Taken Seriously By the FDA

The drug just received “breakthrough” status as a treatment for severe PTSD.
Jesse Hicks
Fighting Words

Poor Healthcare Is to Blame for 20 Veteran Suicides a Day

"We're failing the men and women who put it all on the line for our country."
Mark Russell
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The Military Still Gives Benzos to Troops with PTSD Despite Clear Risks

And other disillusioning findings from a new RAND report.
Ed Cara
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Free Marijuana Would Save Veterans From Deadly Opioids

The VA is giving away the more addictive drugs like candy.
Avital Norman Nathman
Fighting Words

We Can Blame the Rise in Veteran Suicide on the Healthcare System

Half the vets who killed themselves told someone they were considering it.
Ryan Brown
Weed Week

The FDA Finally Approved a Marijuana Trial for Vets With PTSD

It only took seven years.
Shelby Hartman