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How to Get Some of the Benefits of a Vegan Diet Without Actually Going Vegan

Eating kind of like a vegan can give you a healthier heart, lower cholesterol, awesome poops—and you don't have to part with your bacon.
Grant Stoddard

'Vegaphobia' Is the Dislike of Vegans

More and more people are on plant-based diets, and more and more people resent vegans and vegetarians.
Tani Khara
Fighting Words

Our Wellness Obsession Doesn’t Do Much For People Who Have No Access to Real Produce

True wellness is not just about the individual person.
Shayla Love
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This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Give Up Meat

The more subtle effects of going vegetarian.
Grant Stoddard

Tattoo Parlors Are Bragging About Their 'Healthy' Vegan Tattoos

Is vegan ink actually better for you?
Misha Gajewski
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Animal Protein May Be Better Than Plant Protein For Building Muscle

Sorry, vegans.
Kevin Tipton
Lee Hamilton
Oliver Witard
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Five People Explain Why They Stopped Eating Meat

The average American eats more than 100 pounds of poultry every year.
Melissa Meinzer
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People Who Eat Healthy Are Also Doing the Planet a Big Favor

A new study found that simply following healthy-eating guidelines, which would mean eating less meat, could cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Michelle Malia
Parental Advisory

Your Babies Don’t Need to Be Vegan, Too

Let the kid have a slice of pizza, for god's sake.
Misha Gajewski
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No, Eating Soy Isn't Going to Give You Manboobs

Vegan dude bros can rest easy.
Mike Pearl