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Peter Thiel Is Helping Fund a Controversial Herpes Vaccine

The drug's first clinical trial was done overseas without traditional safety oversights.
Jesse Hicks

Why Is the HIV Vaccine Taking So Long?

For one thing, HIV doesn't play by the rules.
Maggie Puniewska

There's a Herpes Vaccine in Your Future

Plus other new developments from the world of STD research.
Emily Cassel
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Bernie Sanders Proposes Rule to Lower Prices of Drugs Developed with Tax Dollars

It would require pharma companies to charge fair prices for drugs that result from federally funded research.
Jesse Hicks
Tonic Talks

A Shot Could Have Prevented the Cancer That’s Killing Me

“I’d like to show the anti-vaxxers my chest tube and ask, ‘Would this be problematic for your child?'"
Diana Spechler
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A Major Avian Influenza Outbreak Could Kill 62 Million People

“It’s just a matter of when it happens, how it happens, and how deadly it's going to be.”
Michelle Malia
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France Is Requiring Parents to Vaccinate Their Kids

Dear United States: Take notes.
Amber Brenza
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John Oliver Deploys Jesus Meme Against Anti-Vaxxers

He's truly had it with parents who want to skip or delay their kids' shots.
Amber Brenza
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What's the Holdup on the Heroin Vaccine?

He was supposed to fly to see his parents for Christmas break. He never made it on the plane. By the time they found him in his dorm, he was gone.
Arielle Pardes
united states of addiction

There's a Heroin Vaccine That Works in Monkeys

It blocks the high from the drug and could help treat addiction.
Jesse Hicks
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Minnesota Has More Measles Cases Than the Entire Country Did Last Year

It's the result of anti-vaccine activists targeting a Somali American community.
Susan Rinkunas

Oh Good, There Are New STDs Spreading

And nine other shockers from modern-day STD history.
Elizabeth Brown