Why are we all giving each other STDs? What's abstinence-only sex ed doing to America? Who uses flavored condoms, anyway? For our first annual Sex Week, we're taking a long, hard look at our sexual health.

What to Do if the Condom Breaks During Sex

A doctor's guide on what to do if a condom fails you.

Matthew Terrell

Some People's Orgasms Are Actually a Series of Short Ones

Some women who think they’ve never had an orgasm could actually be "mini-orgasmic."

Suzannah Weiss

Exactly How to Tell Your Partner What You Want in Bed

Experts gave us 11 effective ways to communicate about sex.

Stephanie Auteri

Trump’s Family Planning Changes Could Make STD Rates Even Worse

The Trump administration's proposed changes to Title X family planning grants could cripple efforts to curb the record number of STDs, experts fear.

Michelle Andrews, Kaiser Health News

9 Things All Good Sex Party Hosts Will Have on Hand

The less obvious items you need in your Amazon cart before throwing a sex party.

Grant Stoddard

It May Soon Be Impossible to Treat Gonorrhea

Two-thirds of countries have reported gonorrhea cases that resist all known antibiotics.

Sophie Cousins

This 5-Minute Meditation Can Help You Have Better Sex

“In a sense, sex can be the ultimate mind-body practice.”

Tracey Duncan

Exactly What to Say to a Hookup When You Want to Keep It Casual

We asked a therapist to give us a script.

Callie Little

The Link Between a High-Vegetable Diet and Better Erections

A bonafide reason to spend more time in the produce section.

Grant Stoddard

These Scientists Think Shockwaves Could Treat Erectile Dysfunction Better Than Viagra

Keep your pants on though—it's still experimental.

Lea Surugue

Your Dentist Should Be Asking You About Your Sex Life

It'll make your visit even more uncomfortable, but it needs to happen.

Nicole Wetsman

Do Penis Extenders Work?

One of these contraptions and a little gumption could turn an average sized wang into a larger-than-average one.

Grant Stoddard