Doctor's Note

When a Single Choice Is Life or Death for Your Patient

A doctor is faced with a devastating decision.
Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD
Organ Donation

This Simple Law Makes Spain the Leader in Organ Donation

Spain implemented a game-changer to its organ donation system—why aren't all countries doing this?
Chris Baraniuk
Holy Shit

This Is How You ‘Grow’ an Ear on Someone’s Arm

A soldier lost her left ear in a car crash so doctors grew her a new one on her arm.
Jesse Hicks

This Is How a Wounded Veteran Got a Penis Transplant

The man lost his genitals and both legs above the knee when a bomb exploded in Afghanistan.
Susan Rinkunas
Organ Donation

Widow Meets the Man Who Received Face Transplant From Her Husband

After her husband died by suicide, a man disfigured by his own attempt received his face.
Jesse Hicks

Everything We Learned From the First Penis Transplant in the US

The hard data, per the surgeons.
Alexandra Ossola

The Kid Who Got a Double Hand Transplant Can Now Swing a Baseball Bat

Zion Harvey is doing great.
Jesse Hicks
Organ Donation

Sometimes Uterus Transplants Go Wrong

Doctors are learning what to do if a pregnant woman's body rejects the uterus.
Alexandra Ossola
Organ Donation

No, Doctors Won't Let You Die Because You're An Organ Donor

And other commonly misunderstood facts about donating your best assets.
Jessica Migala
Organ Donation

Should Patients Be Denied Organ Transplants for Using Medical Marijuana?

Maine is reviewing the law.
Nick Keppler
How Not to Die

The Life-Saving Treatment That’s Being Thrown In The Trash

Umbilical cord blood can be used to treat or cure more than 80 conditions.
Bryn Nelson
Organ Donation

HIV-Positive Organ Donors Are Now Able to Save Lives

With the advent of the first HIV-positive to HIV-positive organ transplants in America this year, 500 to 2,000 new donors will be generated annually.
Matt Terrell