LGBTQ health

When You’ve Transitioned But Your Voice Hasn’t Caught Up

How transgender people perceive their voices can have a big impact on their health and well-being.
Melissa Pandika
LGBTQ health

Here's What Being LGBTQ Can Do to Your Health

Being gay in 2018 means dealing with the health repercussions of old school discrimination plus new, startling research about heart health and cancer.
Joanne Spataro
The Hardest Conversations

A Therapist’s Script for Telling People About Your New Pronoun

Coming out as trans or gender non-conforming might mean hammering your new pronoun into people's vocabulary until they get it right.
Liz Lazzara
It's Science

This Biohacker Is Trying to Help People Make Their Own Estrogen

Hormone anarchy, in a quest for more body autonomy for cis and trans women.
Mark Hay
LGBTQ health

Fake Doctors Are Still Getting Away With Poisoning Trans Women

'Pump doctors' aren't required to use medical-grade products. Their silicone often comes from the hardware store.
Matthew Terrell

Trump's New Health Office Is Protecting Doctors' Right to Deny Care

The Office for Civil Rights is setting the stage for an unprecedented expansion in providers' ability to deny procedures like abortion, sterilization, and physician-assisted death.
Emmarie Huetteman, Kaiser Health News
LGBTQ health

This Is What Happens When a Trans Woman Gets Testicular Cancer

Cancer may get in the way of Natalie Jeffery's drag career, but it's not getting in the way of her transition.
Matthew Terrell
Holy Shit

We Talked to the Doctor Who Helped a Trans Woman Breastfeed Her Baby

She was able to breastfeed exclusively for six weeks.
Jesse Hicks

How to Build a Penis

Surgeons explain the slow, careful process.
S.E. Smith
hard data

What Counts as Having Sex to Most Gay and Bisexual Men?

Just two sexual activities made the cut.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
We Asked

You Can’t Be an Activist Without Some Type of Mindfulness Practice

"Without having some way to stay sane, you won't make it."
Rajul Punjabi
LGBTQ Healthcare

Doctors Aren’t Doing Enough to Protect Trans People from HIV

Sometimes the discrimination trans people experience in a healthcare setting discourages them from ever coming back.
Sony Salzman