Humans like to make big changes—to their bodies, their minds, their lives. We like to hear about them.

Phys Ed

Your Favorite Celebrity’s Workout Routine Probably Won’t Work For You

You could do everything right, but your body might not respond the way you're expecting.
Christian Finn
LGBTQ health

When You’ve Transitioned But Your Voice Hasn’t Caught Up

How transgender people perceive their voices can have a big impact on their health and well-being.
Melissa Pandika
Phys Ed

How a Professional Gamer Made Time to Put On 70 Pounds of Muscle

"I used to play World of Warcraft for 16 hours a day."
Mike Darling

My Addictions Defined Me Before I Got Sober

I am not Liv, the addict. I'm just Liv.
Michelle Malia
Phys Ed

If You Tried Olympic Weightlifting You'd be Fit by Now

It's one of the fastest ways to get stronger and feel more confident.
Nick English
mental health

I Lived With Stress and Chronic Pain Before I Left My Tech Job

Now I help people eat healthier.
Michelle Malia
mental health

When Therapy Makes You Feel Terrible Before It Makes You Feel Better

Talking to a psychologist after my last breakup meant mourning all my exes.
Michael Stahl
Living With It

Owning Your Fear of Flying Could Help You Conquer It

Don't fight it.
Kathi Valeii

I Was Suicidal and Addicted to Drugs Before I Found Yoga

"If you had told me five years ago that I would fall in love with yoga, I would have flipped you off. But here I am."
Danni Pomplun
Living With It

The Stress of My Job Destroyed My Stomach

It took me two months to fix it.
Nick Keppler

I’m Scared of Who I’ll Become After Weight Loss Surgery

"A skinny me is a complete stranger."
Elizabeth A. Johnson

People Laughed When I Told Them I Wanted to Model One Day

Now the people who doubted me ask how I did it.
Mike Zimmerman