Fighting Words

I’m a Black Man and I Want a Black Woman Therapist

What I’m hoping for is a therapist with some elevated, intersectional, enlightening take on black manhood.
Austin Williams
The Hardest Conversations

A Therapist’s Script for Telling People About Your New Pronoun

Coming out as trans or gender non-conforming might mean hammering your new pronoun into people's vocabulary until they get it right.
Liz Lazzara
mental health

My Panic Attacks Involve Completely Detaching from Reality

Depersonalization disorder feels like a mixture of numbness and panic.
Wendy Wisner

Lucid Dreaming Could Help Scientists Understand Mental Illness

The strange, hybrid state of waking consciousness and sleep could tell us new things about our inner lives.
Adhip Rawal
mental health

Our Anxiety Is Rooted in the American Tradition of Over-Analyzing

The solution might—very literally—involve doing nothing at all.
Nick Hobson
mental health

I Worry That Everything I Eat Is Going to Give Me Food Poisoning

Every slightly dented veggie threatens to turn my life into the bathroom scene from Bridesmaids.
Jennifer Billock
mental health

I Seem Really Calm But I'm Actually Internally Panicking

This is what high-functioning anxiety feels like.
Philip Eil
Advice for Anxious People

I Have Anxiety, But My Partner Doesn’t. Are We Screwed?

“Relationships can be problematic for people with anxiety, whether you are with someone who ‘gets it’ or not.”
Robert Duff
Advice for Anxious People

I Can't Stand Work Happy Hours. Do I Have To Go?

"You may feel like you are going to die, but the feelings of anxiety themselves can't actually hurt you."
Robert Duff

I Used MDMA to Communicate Better in My Marriage

Some experts say it could be a valuable tool for couples' therapy.
Grant Stoddard
mental health

Does Art Therapy Actually Work?

Drawing what’s on your mind can help you process emotions.
Cindy Kuzma
mental health

I Turned My Depression and Anxiety Into a Hit Instagram Comic

"Blair is here to say, 'This shit sucks and I'm going to bed.'"
Mike Darling