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Coconut Oil Is Not Dental Care

If oil pulling is doing anything for your oral health, it's likely from the mechanical motion of swishing.
Nicole Wetsman

Nearly Half the Population Has Gum Recession

These bad habits are why your dentist might be on your case about it.
Richard Morgan
I Tried it

My Teeth Grinding Changed the Shape of My Face

Botox could potentially treat both my bruxism and the underlying trauma that may have caused it—so I gave it a try.
Emi Nietfeld

Everything You Need to Know About Spraining Your Tooth

Grinding your teeth at night, clenching your jaw during the day, and biting your nails can traumatize your tooth ligaments, leading to serious pain.
Matt Jancer
I Tried it

I Got an Instant Smile Makeover Marketed to Brides

I’ve always thought that my top two front teeth were too long. So did a few of my schoolmates, who enjoyed calling me “Bugs Bunny.”
Grant Stoddard
You're Smarter Than That

Are Natural Toothpastes as Effective as the Regular Kind?

"There's no evidence to support the advertising claims.”
Cindy Kuzma
Oral Fixation

Your Nighttime Mouthguard Could Mess Up Your Whole Bite

“Now I have to pay thousands of dollars to realign my mouth."
Alexandra Ossola
You're Smarter Than That

Is a Dental Deep Cleaning Ever Really Necessary?

This is when your dentist says you need a "special cleaning" under the gumline.
Denny Watkins
What's Freaking Me Out

Dental Cleaning Videos Are Disgusting and Satisfying

Almost as appealing as watching a pimple get popped.
Melissa Meinzer
Oral Fixation

Stress Could Give You the Teeth of An Old Person Before You're 30

You should really do something about that teeth grinding problem.
Michelle Malia
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Is It Gross to Not Brush My Teeth Before Bed?

Brush, brush...pass?
Patia Braithwaite
Oral Fixation

Braces Can Actually Be Bad For Your Teeth

The price you pay for a perfect smile isn't always worth it.
Caroline Beaton