mental health

I Got a Landline to Save My Brain

Yes, it is I, the only millennial in America with a home phone number.
Sydney Mondry

Jobs in Social Media Require People to Face the Cruelest Parts of the Internet

This is how social media editors deal with their high-stress gigs.
Chaseedaw Giles, Kaiser Health News

Actually Talking to People May Be More Meaningful Than You Think

"It's not so much that technology and nonverbal communication is bad, but that verbal communication is unique."
Glynis Ratcliffe
Skin Deep

This Terrifying App Shows You What Not Using Sunscreen Will Do to Your Face

Sunface is a free facial aging app that lets you take a selfie and see what your skin will look like in the future based on your level of UV exposure.
Susan Rinkunas
tech harm reduction

An Ode to These Extremely Chill Ads on Instagram

The mesmerizing videos of rainfall make me feel content enough to stop scrolling.
Susan Rinkunas

In The Future, You Could Be Pregnant Outside Your Body

Ectogenesis—having a baby in an artificial womb—sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but it could be a reality if you're rich enough.
Natasha Preskey
tech harm reduction

5 Realistic Ways to Stop Checking Your Phone All the Time

By small increments, we can become healthier in how we respond or relate to technology.
Emily Cassel

New Bill Would Give People in New York City the Right to Disconnect After Work

The bill would make it illegal for employers to require people to respond to emails, texts, and calls after work hours.
Jesse Hicks

FDA Approves Birth Control App Blamed for 37 Unintended Pregnancies in Sweden [Updated]

A hospital reported the Natural Cycles app to Swedish medical authorities.
Jesse Hicks
Holy Shit

Sperm Robots Are Being Tested to Treat Cervical Cancer

The swimmers seem to be a good drug delivery system.
Michelle Malia
mental health

I Tripped on Shrooms in VR With the 'Hallucination Machine'

"Reality was very literally melting away before my eyes."
Simon Doherty
global health

This Flying Hospital Trains Doctors to Fight Blindness Around the World

The majority of blindness cases are in the developing world a lot of them could be prevented or treated.
Clara Hogan