Some People With Appendicitis Can Be Treated With Pills, Not Surgery

New research suggests antibiotics may be a better option for most appendicitis patients.
Markham Heid
Living With It

I Tried to Fix My Knee Pain When My Doctor Proposed Surgery

Here is everything I tried in an effort to avoid the knife.
Elana Rabinowitz
Race and Health

La La Anthony's Documentary Examines the Dangers of Illegal Butt Injections

Anthony tells us about how America's obsession with black women's curves is more dangerous than it seems.
La La Anthony
medical devices

A New Netflix Doc Exposes Huge Problems With the Way Certain Medical Treatments Are Approved

'The Bleeding Edge' shows how the FDA doesn’t hold medical devices to the same standards of safety and effectiveness as it does prescription drugs, even though some devices will presumably remain in the body for the rest of people's lives.
Sam Fragoso
Organ Donation

This Simple Law Makes Spain the Leader in Organ Donation

Spain implemented a game-changer to its organ donation system—why aren't all countries doing this?
Chris Baraniuk

The Brazilian Government Considers Being Beautiful a Human Right

It subsidizes nearly half a million surgeries every year.
Alvaro Jarrin
Phys Ed

Many People Who Get Knee Surgery Don't Need It

Studies show physical therapy sometimes works just as well.
Markham Heid
from the heart

The Guilt and Grief That Comes With Waiting for a Heart For Your Child

“For the longest time I did have it stuck in my head, that I was praying for a heart to come for my child; does that mean I'm praying for somebody's child to die?"
Shayla Love

Woman’s Severe Bloating Turned Out to Be From Surgical Sponges Accidentally Left Inside Her

They were there for at least six years after a C-section.
Susan Rinkunas
Living With It

I Got Two Liver Transplants in One Year

Nobody knows if my current liver will make it to next week.
Wieteke van de Sande
breast cancer

I Got Breast Cancer But Not a Mastectomy

For those with breast cancer, a mastectomy may seem the best option. I thought so–until the last minute.
Joanna Moorhead
is this real life?

After Cancer, You Still Have to Get Used to Your New Body

For now, I’m healing from surgery nicely and enjoying the novelty of having small breasts.
Lindsay Jean Thomson