Suicide is on the rise, especially among young people. Tonic dug deeper than the statistics to find out why.


This Is How Therapists Deal When Patients Kill Themselves

Why do we treat personal and professional grief differently, and how can we support professionals who experience traumatic losses?
Lucy Maddox
18 hours ago
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These Bikers Are Trying to Break Stereotypes About Masculinity and Mental Health

“If just one person starts opening up, that usually encourages others to do the same and what real strength and courage is, in my opinion, is showing your vulnerability.”
Michael Stahl
VICE Guide to Life

How to Get Mental Health Help on Campus

One in three college freshman have symptoms of a mental health disorder.
Shayla Love
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When a Family Member Survives a Suicide Attempt

With hope comes the very real dread that he will try to kill himself again.
Erica Jackson Curran
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My Dad Overdosed on Opioids on Purpose

He was one of the large number of people in this country whose overdose was a suicide.
Maria Luisa Tucker
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Horses Helped These Vets Treat Their PTSD

Every day in the United States, approximately 20 veterans kill themselves.
Taylor Watson
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Can People Who Had a Drug Addiction Ever Drink Alcohol?

We looked into the concept of "once an addict, always an addict."
Zachary Siegel
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What I Learned From Being Blind-Sided By a Family Member's Suicide

“I know time will help me feel better about my situation,” he texted me, only hours before he killed himself.
Arielle Greenberg
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Many Doctors Feel They Have to Hide Their Suicidal Thoughts

"I think physicians want to see themselves as strong and being able to fix things on their own, and not needing too much help."
Shayla Love

Gun Shop Owners Are Trying to Stop People From Killing Themselves

Two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides.
Talib Visram

Do Suicide Hotlines Work?

Just because calls increase doesn’t necessarily mean suicide rates decrease.
Cole Kazdin
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You Couldn’t Tell From My Instagram That I Was Thinking About Killing Myself

We need you to show up when we’re unable to ask for it.
Ali Wunderman