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The Unmatched Pleasure of Eating Your Feelings When You've Done the Cooking Yourself

This is what happened when I started baking all my desserts.
Shayla Love
How to Not Die

How Much Saturated Fat Should Be in My Diet?

Bad fat? Nah, just misunderstood.
Olga Oksman
Tonic Editors
Fighting Words

The Average Mexican Now Drinks 371 Bottles of Soda a Year

Free trade is making other countries fat and sick.
Pranav Reddy
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Is Eating Breakfast Good for Losing Weight?

An age-old question, answered.
Joanne Spataro
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The Sugar Industry Killed a Study 50 Years Ago That Suggested a Link to Cancer

“Their goal was to derail the scientific conversation on these issues.”
Jesse Hicks
Fighting Words

There's No Such Thing as Healthy Ice Cream

Halo Top’s success is a symptom of our national food guilt.
Susan Rinkunas
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Study Links Depression and Anxiety to High Sugar Diets

Men in the top third for sugar consumption were 23 percent more likely to experience depression or anxiety over the next five years.
Jesse Hicks
Fighting Words

The Sugar Industry Just Hijacked the FDA

New food labels calling out added sugar will be conveniently delayed.
Genna Reed
Asking for a friend

How Bad is it to Binge on Gummy Vitamins?

There's calcium in there, so maybe ten or twelve extra can't hurt.
Katherine Richter
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This Island Started Eating Like America and Now They're Plagued With Diabetes

Blame soda, candy and...Spam.
David Walter
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Your Sweet Tooth Is Actually in Your Liver

It produces a hormone that functions like a candy stop sign.
Jesse Hicks
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Why Did the FDA Ever Approve Fake Sugar?

There's an unsettling story behind how it did.
Kristin Lawless