Truvada May Be Getting Unfairly Blamed for the Spread of STDs

PrEP is great at blocking HIV, but as its use grows, so do fears that people will be more sexually reckless and spread other STDs. But researchers are coming to think that the opposite could be true.
Bryn Nelson

Primary Care Doctors Aren't Doing Enough to Fight the Spread of STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases are often asymptomatic​, so screening is essential. “If providers don’t ask the questions and don’t apply the screening recommendations, the majority of STDs will be missed.”
Anna Gorman, Kaiser Health News
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‘Contraception Deserts’ Will Probably Get Worse If Trump's Birth Control Changes Go Through

Women already have a hard time getting birth control but people are bracing for things to get worse if changes to the country's family planning program are successful.
Sarah Varney, Kaiser Health News

Three Ways to Get the HPV Vaccine if You’re Over the Age of 26

A leading sex researcher told us how he navigated the ridiculously challenging process.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
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Do You Really Need to Take the Pill at the Same Time Every Day?

That depends on which type of birth control you're taking: there are two types of birth control pills and they work a little differently.
Jessica Migala
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What to Do if the Condom Breaks During Sex

A doctor's guide on what to do if a condom fails you.
Matthew Terrell
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You Might Still Have an STD Even if You’re Not Peeing Fire

The sometimes subtle symptoms of the most common STDs.
Elizabeth Brown

'Flesh-Eating' STI Reportedly Confirmed in the UK

Known as granuloma inguinale or donovanosis, the STI is caused by a bacteria and rarely occurs in the US.
Allison Tierney

A Contagious Form of Dog Cancer May Be Linked to Early American Canines

The cancer is known as Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor, or CTVT.
Máire Ní Leathlobhair

The STD Mycoplasma Genitalium Is Becoming a Problem

Doctors warn that it's already showing resistance to antibiotics.
Jesse Hicks
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Trump’s Family Planning Changes Could Make STD Rates Even Worse

The Trump administration's proposed changes to Title X family planning grants could cripple efforts to curb the record number of STDs, experts fear.
Michelle Andrews, Kaiser Health News

Bill Gates Says Trump Doesn't Know the Difference Between HPV and HIV

"I was able to explain that those are rarely confused with each other."
Mike Darling