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Mom Culture on Instagram Is a Toxic Lie

“Perfectly imperfect” still implies a state of perfection.
Nadine Cheung
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I Got a Landline to Save My Brain

Yes, it is I, the only millennial in America with a home phone number.
Sydney Mondry

Jobs in Social Media Require People to Face the Cruelest Parts of the Internet

This is how social media editors deal with their high-stress gigs.
Chaseedaw Giles, Kaiser Health News
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The Facebook Page That Led to 30 Drug-Rehab Arrests

One informant reported having been paid in heroin to live in a sober home and collect money from visitors who sexually assaulted female residents.
Chelsea Greenwood
Fighting Words

Celebrities Need to Stop Endorsing Detox Teas

Cardi B is the last person I'd expect to go full Kim Kardashian on me with this weight-loss product endorsement.
Rajul Punjabi
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Social Media Unfollows Are a Surprisingly Potent Form of Rejection

Why do people care so much about being unfollowed?
Mark Hay

Who Is Eugene Gu?

Is he a progressive doctor fighting racism and the Trump administration? Or a Twitter troll who has relentlessly manipulated a woman he dated?
Ankita Rao
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Drug Dealers on Facebook Are Targeting People With Addiction

I posed as a potential customer and experienced the most aggressive marketing tactics.
Elizabeth Brico
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An Ode to These Extremely Chill Ads on Instagram

The mesmerizing videos of rainfall make me feel content enough to stop scrolling.
Susan Rinkunas
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You Couldn’t Tell From My Instagram That I Was Thinking About Killing Myself

We need you to show up when we’re unable to ask for it.
Ali Wunderman

This Is Why Good People Turn Bad Online

Social media platforms make it way too easy to become a troll.
Gaia Vince

This Is How Facebook Makes It So Hard to Quit

"As in all abusive relationships, users have a psychological dependence that keeps them hooked."
S. Shyam Sundar
Michael Krieger
Bingjie Lieu
Carlina DiRusso