How to do right by your biggest organ.


The Long-Term Psychological Effects of Having Acne as a Teen

Women specifically reported greater impairment in their quality of life, and showed more symptoms than men.
Jesse Hicks
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How Screwed Am I From Bad Sunburns I Got as a Kid?

About one in five Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime.
Nick Keppler

The False Promises on Moisturizer Labels

Most 'hypoallergenic' lotions have at least one allergen.
Nick Keppler
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Here’s a Rasta Ode to Cucumbers

You heard us.
Samantha Lefave
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Yogurt Is Good for More Than Just Eating

Could it be the answer to your dandruff problem?
Samantha Lefave
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Wrinkle Creams Don't Prevent Wrinkles

“In 25 years, I’ve never seen a real wrinkle or fold repaired with a cream.”
Kristen Dold
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Ginger is the Root for Good Health

Skin, stomach, joints...ginger wants to help you all over.
Samantha Lefave
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Swimming After You Get Tatted May Not End Well

A recent tragedy could have the freshly inked reconsidering their vacation plans.
Nick Keppler
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Sunscreen Sold in the US Prevents Burns But Not Necessarily Cancer

A new report points to some problematic truths about SPF.
Amber Brenza
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Scientists Are Trying to Make Sunscreen Way Less Annoying

They'd like it to be as easy as swallowing a pill.
Denny Watkins
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Researchers Have a New Explanation for Adult Acne

Smarter ways of treating it could also be on the way.
Jesse Hicks
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How Bad Is It to Leave Sweaty Gym Clothes On For Hours?

Have fun explaining that rash.
Austin Williams