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The Reason Some People Freeze When They're Being Attacked

Fight and flight aren't the body's only instinctual responses to fear. And when it comes to sexual assault, some survivors blame themselves for not fighting back.
Rachel Cassandra
Lisa Shell

Sexual Assault Is a Preventable Health Issue

A new study found that sexual harassment and assault are linked to long-term physical and mental health problems for women.
Susan Rinkunas

When You Initiate Sex In Your Sleep, Things Can Get Complicated

Sexsomnia is a sleep disorder in which people have sex—or try to—while unconscious.
Richard Greenhill
med school

The First Woman Dean Is 'A Sea Of Change' At USC’s Scandal-Plagued Medical School

Laura Mosqueda, a geriatrician, will face a big challenge as USC reels from drug and sexual misconduct scandals that have enraged students and landed the university in legal hot water.
Susan Abram, California Healthline

Violence Is Just Part of the Job When You're a Nurse

"We've had nurses get kicked so hard they could hardly stand up, and they're asked to finish their shift."
Jason Silverstein
mental health

There Are Very Few Places for Mentally Disabled Sex Offenders in America

Prison is not a mental health facility.
Erica Langston
mental health

How to Be a Good Partner to Someone Who's Experienced Sexual Trauma

"Let your partner tell you about types of touch that are triggering.”
Lindsey Smith

Colleges Are Doing a Shitty Job of Teaching Consent

They're spending more—but the message isn't evolving.
Monica Luhar
mental health

The Sexual Assault News Cycle Is Hell for Survivors

I don't even have PTSD and the Harvey Weinstein media circus is too much for me.
Susan Rinkunas
not good

Air Force Academy Students Say Seeking Counseling After Sexual Assault Is a Trap

The Academy denies the accusation of giving cadets mental health diagnoses in order to kick them out.
Amber Brenza

There's an Arrest Warrant Out for the Founder of Bikram Yoga

Bikram Choudhury has fled the country to avoid paying a $7 million judgement for sexual harassment and wrongful termination.
Susan Rinkunas
mental health

How Catcalls Can Trigger Sexual Assault PTSD

In this case especially, catcalls are not compliments.
Shannon Thomas