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the anti-science presidency

An Abstinence-Only Advocate Has the Final Say on Who Gets Family Planning Grants

A single person controls the nation's Title X family planning budget for the first time since the 80s​.
Susan Rinkunas
Fighting Words

Parents Should Talk to Their Kids About Miscarriage

If children learn that sex makes babies, shouldn’t they also learn that some pregnancies don’t get that far?
Jessica Zucker
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Trump's Embrace of Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Is a Threat to Your Health

Instead of learning safer sex practices, students are simply taught to keep it in their pants.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
Psych 101

Exactly Why You Hate Talking About Sex With Your Parents

Your aversion to seeing them as sexual beings is both nature and nurture, apparently.
Suzannah Weiss

Colleges Are Doing a Shitty Job of Teaching Consent

They're spending more—but the message isn't evolving.
Monica Luhar
Unscrewing Ourselves

How Can We Unscrew Ourselves?

At Tonic and Broadly, we're taking a close look at the future of sex ed because, let's face it, America's relationship with sex is complicated.
Lindsay Schrupp
Kate Lowenstein
Unscrewing Ourselves

Only 13 States Require Sex Ed to Be Medically Accurate

And half the country is pushing abstinence-only, which, STD rates have shown us, is not exactly effective.
Letizia Adams
Fighting Words

This Sex Educator Was Not Allowed to Say 'Clitoris' in the Classroom

Others were barred from: "abortion," "LGBTQ," and using a diagram of female anatomy.
Diana Spechler

Even NYC Is Failing to Teach Kids Sex Ed

More than 40 percent of kids aren’t being taught how to prevent pregnancy and STDs.
Ed Cara
Sex Ed

Teachers Have to Hide the Truth About Sex and It's Screwing Us Over

The Dutch model works way better.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
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Huh, Another Study Says Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Doesn’t Work

Scientists and public health experts continue to rack up evidence that this kind of education is failing young people.
Kaleigh Rogers

Meet the Sex Workers Who Are Curbing the Global Spread of HIV

Against all odds, they're helping thousands of people at the margins of society.
Jules Montague