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We’d Know More About PMS if Researchers Spent as Much Time on It as ED

Is PMS biological or "cultural?" This mystery deserves boner-caliber research too.
Misha Gajewski
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Will Cracking My Knuckles Give Me Arthritis?

The final answer to whether your grandma's threats are true.
Michelle Malia
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This Condition Makes You Unable to Recognize Familiar Faces

We spoke to people who have it about how they deal.
Lea Surugue
Mind Games

Listening to Music at Work Might Make You Worse at Your Job

Lyrics can really screw up your concentration.
Nick Perham

This Is What It's Like to Have No Internal Clock

Completely blind people lack light perception, which can mess with their lives in more ways than just abnormal sleep patterns.
Hannah Flynn
What I'm Freaking Out About

How Much Environmental Damage Did Your Thanksgiving Dinner Do?

Researchers broke it down by state.
Ashley P. Taylor
Neuro Trip

Your Eye Twitches Can Be Explained by Science, Sort Of

I really seriously want to know if there’s something wrong with me.
Tracey Duncan
We Asked

You Never Forget the First Time You Cut Someone Open

Surgeons tell us what it was like to use a scalpel on a living, breathing human.
Milly McMahon
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People With ADHD Can Actually Focus So Hard it's Scary

People with hyperfocus tend to block out everything else going on around them.
Terena Bell
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Party and Weight Loss Drugs Are Being Repurposed to Treat Cocaine Addiction

There's currently no FDA-approved medication to treat coke dependence.
Lea Surugue
Doctor's Note

Doctors Need to Stop Wearing Ties

They're filthy cesspools of infection.
Jalal Baig, MD
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My Concussion Taught Me Everything We Don't Know About Concussions

My head is broken—and the system is, too
Ankita Rao