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Nurse Places Fifth in Boston Marathon, Works 10-Hour Shift the Next Day

31-year-old Jessica Chichester drove back to NYC last night.
AC Shilton

Boston Marathon Runner-up Will Use Prize Money to Pay Off Her Student Loans

Sarah Sellers is a registered nurse anesthetist who just won $75,000.
Susan Rinkunas
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Marathon Training Can Help You Take Better Care of Yourself

"You begin to see the true value in your own body and the strength that it has."
Rhi Willmot
mental health

How Running Helps Me Deal With Depression

"Getting out the door changes the narrative and creates momentum."
Scott Douglas
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I'm a Perfectly Healthy Runner—So Why Do I Keep Getting Injured?

The minute I had to forfeit my marathon bib, I knew I had to get to the bottom of this.
Alexandra Spiroff
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Is Running Bad For Your Knees?

Short answer: No.
K. Aleisha Fetters
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Runners Are Using Weed to Make Long Runs Less Miserable

“Running while stoned is therapeutic. It helps me concentrate on the small movements of my body."
Mike Darling

Running Might Be an Effective Way to Help Smokers Quit

This new quit-smoking technique has a higher success rate.
Maggie Puniewska
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Can Running Actually Help You Get Stronger?

A lot of strength athletes neglect cardio completely.
Nick English
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Cardio Machines Are Just Guessing How Many Calories You Burned

Is my elliptical a liar?
Grant Stoddard
Running Wild

Running Can Help People Recovering from Addiction Stay Sober

"I felt this high that I had never felt before—with any drugs, with any alcohol."
Cindy Kuzma
Running Wild

Some Runners Feel Totally Lost After a Big Race

I felt a complete lack of structure and motivation after I crossed the finish line.
Michelle Malia