food for thought

The Carnivore Diet Is the Latest Fad to Ignore That Food Does More Than Just Feed Us

While I lost seven pounds on the meat-only diet, it wasn't worth it for many reasons.
Alan Levinovitz
reproductive rights

This Catholic Church Policy Has Been Harming Women for 50 Years

How the unpopular Catholic ban on birth control, "Humanae Vitae," made its way into the public sphere, and how it's getting even more help under the Trump administration.
Susan Rinkunas

Trying Not to Think About Sex Just Makes You Think About Sex More

Teaching people their sexual thoughts are “dirty” or “impure” has problematic consequences.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD

Why It’s So Hard to Find God as a Gay Man

The mental health effects of being gay and Christian.
Matt Terrell
How Not to Die

How Doctors Keep Jehovah’s Witnesses Alive When They Refuse Blood Transfusions

“I was raised in a religion where blood transfusions were the worst possible thing you could ever do.”
Elizabeth Brown

Pot Churches Are Getting Around State Marijuana Laws

Churches that offer weed as a sacrament are proliferating, competing with medical marijuana dispensaries and even pot shops.
Barbara Feder Ostrov, California Healthline
On Edge

Shabbat Is an Underrated Way to Destress

Wine, weed, and unplugging—your ancient Jewish guide to modern-day stress relief.
Madison Margolin
The Human Race

Evolution Isn't Through With You Just Yet

Just because we're in a period of genetic stability doesn't mean we're not still changing.
Cindy Kuzma
For God's Sake

Neuroscientists Are Searching for God in Our Gray Matter

Neuroscientists have long been curious about the neural basis of faith.
Shayla Love
It's Science

How Prayer and Meditation Changes Your Brain

What's most important is doing something that has meaning to you.
Shayla Love

Evolution, Creationism, and the Great Appendix Debate

One of the human body's most mysterious organs is fueling the anti-evolution fire.
Shayla Love
mental health

What Happens to Your Brain When You Stop Believing in God

It's like going off a drug.
Caroline Beaton