I Went to a Sex Resort to Try and Learn to Be 'Monogamish'

Apparently, you can have an open relationship without being totally polyamorous.
Suzannah Weiss
20 hours ago

Young People Don't Want Casual Things Out of Casual Sex

A new study shows that men and women want more out of a one-night stand than the idea suggests.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
20 hours ago
Advice for Anxious People

How to Be Less Anxious About Traveling

It’s easy to let the nightmare of missing a train or flight go to your head.
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Why Cleaning Makes Some People Feel Less Anxious

A psychologist explains why doing chores leads to less stress.
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A Computer Scientist Proposed a Way to Build a Non-Creepy Sex Robot

She describes herself as a "robosexologist."
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Most People Want to Change Who Initiates Sex in Their Relationship

These are the most effective ways you or your partner can take the lead.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
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Monogamy May Be Even More Difficult For Women Than it Is For Men

Experts are challenging long-held ideas about gender and fidelity.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
mental health

Military Kids Face Unique Challenges to Their Mental Health

I still feel rootless and restless, stir crazy and uncomfortable with people knowing me for too long.
Madelyn Brown
VICE Guide to Life

How to Tell Someone They Made You Feel Uncomfortable During Sex

Here’s a therapist's script for how to talk about it.
Callie Little

Orgasms Can Relieve Hiccups, Migraines, and Help Men Live Longer

And, shocker, there's scarce research on what they do for women.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD

Actually Talking to People May Be More Meaningful Than You Think

"It's not so much that technology and nonverbal communication is bad, but that verbal communication is unique."
Glynis Ratcliffe
Fighting Words

A Psychologist's Take on Why Online Therapy Isn't as Effective as the Real Thing

Opening an emotional can of worms over text is not the smartest idea.
Dana Charatan, PsyD