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We Asked Sapiosexuals What Turns Them On

Signs of intelligent life are spreading among young singles.
Mandy Stadtmiller
The yes man

Can Butt Enhancement Fix My Flat Man-Ass?

A white man goes in search of a badonkadonk.
Grant Stoddard
fun with science

More Sleep Means Fewer Bad Memories

New research says your subconscious smooths over traumatic memories while you slumber.
Cassie Shortsleeve
mental health

Oversharing on Twitter is Good for My Mental Health

A psychologist said so.
Austin Williams
fun with science

Apparently Judges Are Jerks When They're Tired, Too

A new study suggests that sleep deprivation can affect the length of sentences they pass down.
Nick Keppler
Fighting Words

Science Says You Should Play More Violent Video Games

Don't let the fearmongers tell you otherwise.
Joe Donnelly
fun with science

Why Viruses Kill More Men Than Women

A new study suggests it's not what science previously thought.
Denny Watkins
Holy Shit

Legal Blindness Can Be Fully Reversed Months After Trauma

New research shows a surgical procedure can restore vision in the wake of severe brain injuries.
Dan Roe

The Safest Way to Have Sex When You're Fighting the Flu

Keep your kisses, ya filthy animals.
Samantha Lefave
You're Smarter Than That

Can Spraying Bacteria Help You Fight Allergies?

Probiotics are the latest weapons being deployed in homes.
Jenny Chen
Eat This

The Real Paleo Diet Includes Starchy Grains (and Bugs)

A new study shows how the cavemen really ate.
Paul Spencer
mental health

How to Know If You Need Therapy

The signs you should call for backup aren't always easy to spot.
Cindy Kuzma