Do X-Rays Increase My Risk of Cancer?

The risks are real—but usually outweighed by the benefits.
Markham Heid
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The CDC Will Hold an Info Session on Nuclear War

This month's "grand rounds" topic for public health professionals is, uh, timely.
Jesse Hicks
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Recovering From Cancer Means Convincing a Lot of People That I'm Okay

I’m like the car accident you can’t take your eyes off of.
Lindsay Jean Thomson
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Am I Going to Get Cancer From My Microwave?

Probably not, but take the plastic off that damn Hot Pocket.
Joanne Spataro
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I Don’t Need Motivational Signs to Get Through Cancer Treatment

They're unnerving, like I'm being gaslit.
Lindsay Jean Thomson
is this real life?

Episode 9: My Surgery Bill Was 75K

I was responsible for $300. Thanks, Obama.
Lindsay Jean Thomson

Virtual Reality Makes Chemo Less Painful

So why are American doctors still putting it on the back burner?
Emily Cassel
How Not to Die

Exactly What Happens When Your Body Is Exposed to Radiation

During nuclear fallout, doses reach the equivalent of 3 million chest x-rays.
Darragh O’Carroll, MD
The Future of Cancer

This Physicist Invented a Cancer-Killing Laser That Could One Day Replace Chemo

“When I was taking care of my aunt, I was like, There must be something better than just dying like this."
Shelby Hartman
What's Freaking Me Out

We Are All Lab Rats in a Massive Cell Phone Study

Worth a read before you go to bed with your phone again.
Markham Heid
The End of Days

How to Survive the First Hour of a Nuclear Attack

Experts helped us picture exactly what would happen.
Olga Oksman