Fighting Words

Images of Racial Violence on Social Media Are Affecting My Body and Mind

Watching videos where black people are being harmed can result in vicarious traumatization—the trauma, even though it didn't happen to you, will resonate on a mental and physical level.
George M. Johnson
Asking for a friend

Why Do I Hate Watching People Make Out?

Your tolerance for PDA could be linked to your personality.
Misha Gajewski
Race and Health

Cops Are Nearly 3 Times More Likely to Kill Black Americans Than White Americans

Black and brown people are also getting killed at younger ages, losing more total years of life
Melissa Pandika
Race and Health

Jim Crow Laws Are Gone But They’re Still Making Black People Sick

We may only now be seeing the health effects of state-sanctioned racism in the 1960s.
Jason Silverstein
Race and Health

Doctors Don’t Always Believe You When You’re a Black Woman

Six black women tell us how they had to advocate for themselves in the doctor's office.
Joanne Spataro
Race and Health

Vanderbilt Surgery Resident Says His Program Is Discriminating Against Him

“They didn’t even punish the guy who physically assaulted me,” Eugene Gu says.
Ankita Rao
Trump's First Year

Trump's Bigotry Will Make Millions of Americans More Sick

His actions ensure that discrimination will continue to be a problem well into the future.
Kunal Sindhu
Race and Health

Millions of People Are Still Risking Their Health for Lighter Skin

It's a cultural obsession—one that's becoming dangerous.
Mary-Rose Abraham
Doctor's Note

Doctors Are Victims of Xenophobia in Trump's America

Racial tension percolating in the shadows is finding light in the hospital.
Jalal Baig, MD
survival guide

How Discrimination Changes Your Brain

Researchers are building a case.
Alexandra Ossola
Fighting Words

Being a Sexist, Racist Asshole Is Bad for Your Health

The meek shall inherent mental and physical wellbeing.
Tony Rehagen