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How California Is Helping More Women of Color Breastfeed in the Hospital

While Californian women of color are breastfeeding their babies in the hospital more frequently than in the past, they still lag far behind white women. Here's how hospitals are working to change that.
Anna Gorman, Kaiser Health News
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I’m a Black Man and I Want a Black Woman Therapist

What I’m hoping for is a therapist with some elevated, intersectional, enlightening take on black manhood.
Austin Williams
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Trump’s Plan to 'Defund' Planned Parenthood Could Put Women’s Lives at Risk

The proposed change to the Title X family planning program is known as the "Protect Life Rule," which is deeply ironic as the policy shows little regard for the health and lives of the patients who rely on it.
Susan Rinkunas
Race and Health

Cops Are Nearly 3 Times More Likely to Kill Black Americans Than White Americans

Black and brown people are also getting killed at younger ages, losing more total years of life
Melissa Pandika

This Is How to Care For Your Skin Differently if You're a Person of Color

8 things black and brown Americans should know about their skin types, according to dermatologists of color.
Rajul Punjabi
Race and Health

Jim Crow Laws Are Gone But They’re Still Making Black People Sick

We may only now be seeing the health effects of state-sanctioned racism in the 1960s.
Jason Silverstein
Race and Health

Statue Celebrating Doctor Who Experimented on Slaves Moved From Central Park

J. Marion Sims, lauded as the “father of modern gynecology,” experimented on female slaves without consent or anesthesia.
Rajul Punjabi
Race and Health

Women and Black Doctors Still Make Far Less Than White Male Doctors

The pay gap is similar to that found in other professions.
Jesse Hicks
Race and Health

These Doulas Are Making Pregnancy Safer for Women of Color

"It’s not our bodies that are broken. We need to look at all the other external factors that are making childbirth more dangerous.”
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria
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A Muslim-American Therapist on How Islamophobia Affects Her Clients' Lives

The fear of hate crime puts many Muslims on constant alert.
Jessica Bateman
mental health

Discrimination Against Your Partner Affects You Too

“It can help you remember, ‘Oh, wait a minute, I’m stressed. My relationship isn’t the problem here.’”
Melissa Pandika

Updated HIV Laws May Only Protect the Privileged

Lawyers warn that oversimplification of cutting-edge HIV science could backfire for the most vulnerable patients.
Sony Salzman