A scandalous yet undeniable truth: Your race affects your health, both in terms of what you're at risk of, but also how you're treated.


The Need for Patient Advocacy When You're Black in the Doctor's Office

Doctors tells us the most effective ways to advocate for a friend or family member.
George M. Johnson
Phys Ed

Is It Possible to Be a Body-Positive Personal Trainer?

Please don't ever say "beach body" to me.
Rajul Punjabi

The Motivation for a Muscular Body Can Be Different for Asian-American Men

"You want to buck the stereotype. And one thing in your control is your physique.”
Christine Ro

La La Anthony's Documentary Examines the Dangers of Illegal Butt Injections

Anthony tells us about how America's obsession with black women's curves is more dangerous than it seems.
La La Anthony
Fighting Words

Forcing Psych Meds on Detained Children Perpetuates Distrust About Mental Health Care

The unethical treatment not only affects these kids, but it could have lasting impacts on people of color seeking mental health treatment.
Nikhil "Sunny" Patel, MD, MPH
J. Wesley Boyd, MD, PhD

My Open Letter to Doctors About How to Treat Black and Latinx HIV Patients

New research reinforces the fact that doctors are unable to effectively engage with high-risk communities. Here's why.
George M. Johnson
reproductive rights

This Catholic Church Policy Has Been Harming Women for 50 Years

How the unpopular Catholic ban on birth control, "Humanae Vitae," made its way into the public sphere, and how it's getting even more help under the Trump administration.
Susan Rinkunas

People Are Scared to Use Health Safety Nets Because of ICE

Known as a "chilling effect​," this public health principle can lead to a drop in everything from vaccinations and routine doctor visits to prenatal and HIV care.
Jason Silverstein
mental health

Why Do People Drastically Change Their Skin Color?

The complicated psychology of why some people obsessively tan and why others use bleaching products to lighten their skin.
Melissa Pandika
Parental Advisory

The Pregnancy Risk Most Doctors Aren't Comfortable Talking About

Eighty-five percent of doctors said they don't want to bring up the topic of chemical exposure even though they're supposed to.
Nicole Wetsman
The War on Drugs

There’s No Rational Way to Justify America’s Drug Laws

People assume a medical committee sat down to consider which recreational drugs were the safest and least addictive, and this wise group decided alcohol and tobacco should be legal, while marijuana and everything else shouldn't. That's not what happened.
Maia Szalavitz

Mindfulness Doesn’t Have to Be Whitewashed and Goal-Oriented

Can being more inclusive change the elitist vibe?
Ankita Rao