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Eat This

There Are Nearly 1,000 Chemicals in Our Food That Have Never Been Tested for Safety

Why the FDA and the EPA aren't set up to protect us from contaminants in the food we eat.
Kristin Lawless

People Are Scared to Use Health Safety Nets Because of ICE

Known as a "chilling effect​," this public health principle can lead to a drop in everything from vaccinations and routine doctor visits to prenatal and HIV care.
Jason Silverstein

The STD Mycoplasma Genitalium Is Becoming a Problem

Doctors warn that it's already showing resistance to antibiotics.
Jesse Hicks
Organ Donation

This Simple Law Makes Spain the Leader in Organ Donation

Spain implemented a game-changer to its organ donation system—why aren't all countries doing this?
Chris Baraniuk
Fighting Words

Racial Discrimination Can Take 18 Years Off Someone's Life

"Where you live determines your access to jobs, public transit, food, medical care, and insurance."
Jason Silverstein
What's Freaking Me Out

San Fransisco's Homeless Crisis Is Now a Poop Crisis

The city is overrun with people who have nowhere to relieve themselves—and that's a problem for any resident, whether they have a home or not.
Matthew Terrell
Race and Health

Cops Are Nearly 3 Times More Likely to Kill Black Americans Than White Americans

Black and brown people are also getting killed at younger ages, losing more total years of life
Melissa Pandika

The Brazilian Government Considers Being Beautiful a Human Right

It subsidizes nearly half a million surgeries every year.
Alvaro Jarrin
climate change

What Puerto Rico Can Teach Us About Surviving Climate Change

“Maria didn’t cause everything. Maria just revealed to the world how we are living."
Jane Palmer
public health

San Diego's Housing Crisis Is Contributing to the Spread of Hep A

The situation was dire enough for the governor to declare a state of emergency in October.
Alex Sammon

Exposing Your Sex Partner to HIV Is No Longer a Felony in California

Advocates say the old law discouraged testing and treatment.
Diana Spechler
the body politic

All the Trump-Era Changes That Affect Your Health

Unfortunately, there's enough material to update regularly.
Tonic Editors