The Hardest Conversations

A Therapist’s Script For Breaking Up With a Friend

It can be harder (and more awkward) than breaking up with a partner.
Elizabeth Brown
mental health

Ex-Cop Turned Psychologist Trains the NYPD on Cases Involving Mentally Ill People

Can a cop successfully play the role of a mental health professional?
Letizia Adams
mental health

Therapists Need Therapy, Too

Acknowledging and accepting what haunts me has helped me become more empathetic towards my patients’ emotional suffering.
Mariana Plata
head games

I'm Attracted to My Therapist and It's Fine

I’m grateful he’s helped me stay alive thus far, but I’m not proposing marriage, beating off to him at night, or building him a shrine.
Alexander Hardy
Asking for a friend

Is Texting All the Time Making Me Socially Weird?

You're the most popular kid at the party as long as all the other guests are little gray bubbles.
Joanne Spataro
We Asked

What Therapists Think About Their Worst Patients

"He was hitting many stereotypes of the racist cop."
Juli Fraga

The Extreme Anxiety of Being a Freelancer

That "freedom" will test your mental health.
Michael Stahl
survival guide

How to Live Alone Without Losing Your Shit

A psychologist walks us through the daunting realities of flying solo.
Austin Williams
mental health

What I Learned Listening to My Patients Talk About Their Sex Lives

I'm a clinical psychologist, and most of my younger patients' anxieties are related to their sexuality.
Laurence Colbert