Occupational Hazard

The Moral Distress of Being a Veterinarian

Many vets feel conflicted about pet owners' insistence on over-treatment or inappropriate requests for euthanasia, and it takes a toll: suicide rates in the industry are high.
Louise McLoughlin
This Week in Science

Scientists Have Made Mini Brains That Behave Like Real Human Brains

It’s the first time that brain organoids have spontaneously produced brain waves similar to human brain activity.
Shayla Love
mental health

This Is What Your Brain and Body Do When You Hang Out With Animals

Here’s everything we know about how pets affect your mood.
Nick Keppler

A Contagious Form of Dog Cancer May Be Linked to Early American Canines

The cancer is known as Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor, or CTVT.
Máire Ní Leathlobhair

How to Tell if Your Dog Is Happy

Here are ten things people get wrong about the way Fido feels.
Melissa Starling
Paul McGreevy

Can I Give My Dog CBD?

We looked into the benefits and the risks of giving your pet a dose of the cannabis compound for seizures, pain, anxiety, and more.
Dana Smith
Phys Ed

Why You Shouldn't Take Your Puppy Running With You

Done too early, it'll permanently injure the puppy's joints and leg bones.
Matt Jancer

Mourning a Dog Can Be Harder Than Mourning a Person

"Many studies show our relationships with dogs can be even more satisfying than our human relationships."
Frank T. McAndrew
mental health

Delta and United Updated Their Emotional Support Animal Policies

The airlines now require travelers to provide letters from their vet and doctor.
Susan Rinkunas
mental health

Watching Fish Swim Is an Odd But Effective Way to Relax

Staring at a fish tank is like getting the healing benefits of nature on demand.
Crystal Ponti
ho ho no

Keep Christmas Candy Away From Your Dog, Even If He's Been a Very Good Boy

Vet visits from chocolate poisoning spike around Christmas, according to a new UK study.
Jesse Hicks
Asking for a friend

How Gross Is It to Let My Dog Sleep Next to Me?

“If your dog hasn’t had the proper treatments, it could bring fleas and ticks into the bed."
Kristen Dold