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A Beginner's Guide to Anal Sex

If you want to jump on the A-train or make your version of anal sex better, consider the following.
Grant Stoddard

Nearly Half the Population Has Gum Recession

These bad habits are why your dentist might be on your case about it.
Richard Morgan
Phys Ed

You Can Skip the Stretching and Still Get More Flexible

Strength training is a remarkably effective way to counteract stiffness.
Christian Finn
Phys Ed

The Five Things You Should Know Before You Try CrossFit

CrossFit trainer Ben Bergeron told us the five keys to making your first class feel less intimidating.
Spenser Mestel
Living With It

I'm Living With an Antibiotic-Resistant Infection

"I got MRSA during the winter break of my senior year of college. My first outbreak lasted six months and was all below the belt. I had it on my genitals, along my ass, and down my legs."
AnnaLee Barclay

I Felt Sick All the Time and Then Realized It Was Actually Anxiety

In movies, the character who's having a panic attack clutches at his chest, gasps for air, and then breathes into a paper bag to calm himself. But that's never been my experience.
Sarah Watts

The History of Sadomasochism Is Strange, Dark, and Occasionally Sweet

The ideas behind it originated in some dark places but have become much less creepy and more consensual over time.
Eric Spitznagel
mental health

This Is What Your Brain and Body Do When You Hang Out With Animals

Here’s everything we know about how pets affect your mood.
Nick Keppler
Phys Ed

This Is the Effect Working Out Has on Your Bones

How active you are as a kid affects your bones forever.
Matt Jancer

Everything You Need to Know About Spraining Your Tooth

Grinding your teeth at night, clenching your jaw during the day, and biting your nails can traumatize your tooth ligaments, leading to serious pain.
Matt Jancer

The Way You Text Can Mess Up Your Hands

Here's how to undo the damage from tapping out texts and emails all day.
Richard Morgan

The Way You Hold Your Mouse Could Be Causing Wrist Pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome, thumb tendinitis, and more can result from a bad grip.
Matt Jancer