The New Report on Kratom Overdoses Is Scary But Kind of Misleading

Almost all of those who tested positive for kratom also tested positive for other substances.
Jesse Hicks

Emergency Rooms Often Don't Do Enough for People Who Survive an Overdose

Only a small percentage of people who survived an opioid overdose in West Virginia received some form of addiction treatment in the next year, according to a new analysis. Experts say the findings underscore a national disconnect.
Rachel Bluth, Kaiser Health News
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Employers Struggle to Respond as More Workers Overdose on the Job

Despite the growing epidemic of Americans misusing opioids and overdosing on the job, many employers turn a blind eye to addiction within their workforce—ill-equipped or unwilling to confront an issue they are at a loss to handle.
Jenny Gold, Kaiser Health News
Harm Reduction

Calling Safe Consumption Sites by a Different Name Increases Public Support

A new study found that, all other things being equal, people were more likely to support "overdose prevention sites" opening in their community.
Jesse Hicks
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My Dad Overdosed on Opioids on Purpose

He was one of the large number of people in this country whose overdose was a suicide.
Maria Luisa Tucker
The High Life

Everything You Need to Know About K2, the Dangerous Weed Knockoff

“There’s nothing 'natural' about it. They’re just deadly chemicals made in a lab."
Rajul Punjabi

What ‘13 Reasons Why’ Gets Right About Heroin Addiction

Based on my experience as a former heroin user, and as a journalist covering addiction, the show’s depiction is refreshingly authentic.
Zachary Siegel
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How to Get Naloxone

Everything you need to know about buying and using the anti-overdose drug.
Zachary Siegel
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Drug Deaths Are Highest in Regions with More Divorce and Single-Parent Families

A new study suggests that geography is far less important in explaining overdose deaths than are family life and job opportunities.
Denny Watkins

The Lesser-Known Date Rape Drug Is Making a Comeback

Most use of this highly potent drug is actually intentional.
Joseph Palamar
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Opioid Overdose Deaths Fell After Colorado Legalized Weed

It could be just a coincidence, but more research is definitely needed.
Jesse Hicks
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The Faces of Americans Who Died From Opioid Overdoses

This interactive map humanizes the opioid epidemic.
Lynn Shattuck