Why Scientists Are Building Human Organs on Microchips

From cubes with menstrual cycles to a lung on a chip, this weird technique is picking up speed.
Emily Cassel
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Should Patients Be Denied Organ Transplants for Using Medical Marijuana?

Maine is reviewing the law.
Nick Keppler
It's Science

Evolution, Creationism, and the Great Appendix Debate

One of the human body's most mysterious organs is fueling the anti-evolution fire.
Shayla Love
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Why Black People Don't Want to Donate Their Organs

It's hard to make a case for the altruism in organ donation when our medical system has historically not been altruistic to us.
Patia Braithwaite
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In the Future We’ll Grow Body Parts From Plants

Mad scientists recently got human heart cells to beat on spinach leaves.
Sheherzad Preisler
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How Safe Is It to Get an Organ From an Overdose Victim?

Given the urgency of needing an organ, "safe" is a relative term.
Kelly Burch
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More Than Half of Donated Hearts and Lungs Get Thrown Out

But scientists may have discovered a workaround.
Susan Rinkunas
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Vatican Officials Will Declare Organ Trafficking a Crime Against Humanity

And China is in hot water for accusations that it’s still using organs from executed prisoners.
Susan Rinkunas
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Four Ways We Can Shorten the Organ Donor Waitlist

More than 20 people die every day waiting for a transplant.
Jason Silverstein
Holy Shit

Meet the Human Organ You Didn't Know You Had

The finding could open up new possibilities for researching intestinal diseases.
Dan Roe
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HIV-Positive Organ Donors Are Now Able to Save Lives

With the advent of the first HIV-positive to HIV-positive organ transplants in America this year, 500 to 2,000 new donors will be generated annually.
Matt Terrell