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How Your Art Changes When You’re Told You’re Dying

“What I'm doing is immortality,” Jeiven says. “I'm putting art on people that's going to walk around after I'm gone.”
Nathan Tempey

Learning an Instrument Can Make Children Better Readers

Students demonstrated improved phonological awareness—the awareness of words’ sound structure—which is a key component in learning to read.
Jessica Dore

What It's Like to Experience Constant Musical Hallucinations

Sylvia hears music playing in her head all day. She's deaf.
Helen Thomson
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Does Wearing Headphones Lead to Hearing Loss?

The World Health Organization has warned that millions of young people may be listening to music too loud. Are we all damaging our hearing by spending so many waking hours with two miniature speakers stuffed into our ears?
Nick Keppler

This Is What LSD Does to a Musician’s Creative Process

When melodies mimic the arc of an acid trip, the result can be some really adventurous music.
Suzannah Weiss
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Listening to Music at Work Might Make You Worse at Your Job

Lyrics can really screw up your concentration.
Nick Perham
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Anxious People Tell Us How Hip-Hop Is Therapeutic

"I find myself mimicking 2Pac's demeanor and living my life unapologetically."
Ryan Brown
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Gaga Gets Candid About Her Pain in New Netflix Doc

“They say sometimes it’s like open-heart heart surgery, making music. It’s invasive."
Sarah Kasbeer
Tonic Talks

T-Boz is Not Here for People Trolling Her About Illness or Trump

The T in TLC, a sickle cell disease advocate, talks about managing chronic illness and as well as her haters.
Rajul Punjabi
Not a Sprint

This Playlist Will Keep You From Marathoning Like a Moron

With the right tracks, you'll keep a steady pace without burning out too fast.
Rajul Punjabi

My Nine-Hour Breakup Playlist, Explained by Scientists

“I liked hearing this chorus of familiar voices say all the things we weren’t saying.”
Nick Keppler
Mind Games

There's a Science to Finding Your Creative Flow

Your subconscious brain can help you work through a block.
Nick Keppler