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15 Practical Questions About Getting an Abortion

From how much it costs to whether insurance covers it.
Garnet Henderson
a day ago
mental health

What Dealing Weed Did to My Mind

Paranoia was my constant companion.
Moses Baca
birth control

‘Contraception Deserts’ Will Probably Get Worse If Trump's Birth Control Changes Go Through

Women already have a hard time getting birth control but people are bracing for things to get worse if changes to the country's family planning program are successful.
Sarah Varney, Kaiser Health News
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All the Questions You Should Ask Your Insurance Company Before You Have a Baby

The Tonic guide to navigating health insurance for pregnant people, including how to get insurance, what's covered, and what steps you need to take before the baby arrives.
Jessica Migala
VICE Guide to Life

An FAQ About Health Insurance for College Students

Written so you can actually understand it.
Jessica Migala

The Average Nurse Makes Barely More Than They Did in 2005

Meanwhile, doctors and medical center CEOs saw much bigger increases.
Jesse Hicks

For Many College Students, Hunger Can ‘Make It Hard To Focus In Class’

Up to half of college students report that they're either not getting enough to eat or are worried about their access to food.
Michelle Andrews, Kaiser Health News

How Bits of Personal Data Paint a Valuable Picture of Your Health

Your purchase history gets turned into a profile that health insurers, drug companies, and advertisers buy from "data brokers."
Rachel Bluth, Kaiser Health News

Out-Of-Pocket Costs for PrEP Put the HIV Prevention Drug Out Of Reach For Many

It’s getting increasingly difficult for patients to afford Truvada, also known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, because of the drug’s high price and insurance company efforts to restrict patients' use of coupons.
Shefali Luthra and Anna Gorman, Kaiser Health News

In The Future, You Could Be Pregnant Outside Your Body

Ectogenesis—having a baby in an artificial womb—sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but it could be a reality if you're rich enough.
Natasha Preskey
Fighting Words

Abortion Providers Are America’s Best Doctors

When it comes to patient satisfaction, safety, and cost, abortion providers are unmatched.
Garnet Henderson

Obamacare Prices Will Increase 15 Percent Next Year

Trump administration changes to the law are to blame, per a new analysis.
Susan Rinkunas