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Insurance Is Supposed to Cover Addiction Treatment, But It's Still a Nightmare

The barriers insurance companies place in the way of treatment are killing people.
Maia Szalavitz
Unites States of Addiction

What It's Like to Detox in Jail

The small, communal toilet was in the corner of the pod, enclosed by a short stall that did nothing to keep the smell of diarrhea, vomit, and blood from overtaking the unit.
Elizabeth Brico

The Hell of Getting Methadone When You’re Away from Home

While most people on daily meds for chronic conditions don’t think twice about traveling, people who take methadone describe the experience as a stressful, tedious slog that takes weeks of preparation.
Zachary Siegel
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This Is How to Get Health Insurance to Cover Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Although the Affordable Care Act is supposed to guarantee addiction treatment to anyone with insurance, people with opioid addictions still face a dysfunctional system.
Maia Szalavitz
united states of addiction

My Baby Was Born With a Drug Dependence

Tiny changes in the treatment protocols could spare thousands of infants from the same fate.
Elizabeth Brico
united states of addiction

A Much-Hyped Addiction Treatment Is Less Effective Than Older Meds

Despite what other headlines may say.
Maia Szalavitz
united states of addiction

Another Way Prisons Treat Women Like Shit

Forcing women who just gave birth to detox drastically is inhumane and, experts say, medically unnecessary.
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united states of addiction

This Is Exactly How I Became Addicted to Heroin

"It's not like I was living on the streets and robbing old ladies."
John Carr
united states of addiction

This Drug Could Help End Opioid Addiction

So why are only 3 percent of doctors prescribing it?
Emily Cassel

Doctors Are Ripping Tom Price's Absurd Comments on Addiction

More than 600 practitioners and researchers called out the health secretary's unscientific, stigmatizing views on addiction treatment.
Susan Rinkunas
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Health Secretary Tom Price Recommends God as the Solution to the Opioid Crisis

Just pray the addiction away.
Susan Rinkunas