The High Life

Why Does My High Last Longer Than My Friends'?

Most people return to reality after five or six hours, while my brain gets flooded with epiphanies all night. I asked an expert why.
Suzannah Weiss
Phys Ed

Losing Weight Doesn't Have to Get Harder as You Age

Your metabolism slows as you age, which makes it harder to lose weight. Here's how to fight those effects.
Grant Stoddard
Phys Ed

This Is Why Running Doesn’t Always Get Rid of Stomach Fat

Even seasoned marathoners can still have the dreaded runner's paunch.
Markham Heid
Eat This

Working Out a Lot Doesn’t Always Increase Your Appetite

Why have I felt far hungrier on days in which I’ve eaten twice the amount of calories and performed very little exercise?
Grant Stoddard

The Results of the First American Gut Project Are In

In the largest citizen science experiment to date, more than 11,000 people sent poop samples to a San Diego lab.
Daniel McDonald
Phys Ed

People Are Paying to Work Out in Cold Temperatures

Could working out in cold weather actually be good for you?
Rajul Punjabi
The yes man

Scientists Told Me to Stop Working Out So Hard if I Want to Burn Fat

This test says that I—and maybe you—have been doing cardio wrong since forever.
Grant Stoddard

Thin People Don't Understand the Truth About Dieting

"Diets do not work."
Traci Mann
A. Janet Tomiyama
Phys Ed

Cardio Machines Are Just Guessing How Many Calories You Burned

Is my elliptical a liar?
Grant Stoddard
Phys Ed

Women Are Naturally More Fit Than Men, Study Says

It comes down to differences in how our bodies process oxygen.
Kelsey Kennedy

Neanderthal DNA Could Be Messing With Your Health

Most of us are at least 1 to 4 percent Neanderthal.
Markham Heid
Phys Ed

I Tried to Avoid Winter Weight Gain By Freezing My Ass Off

If we allowed ourselves to be cold again, maybe we'd burn more calories.
Lou Schuler