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When Psychedelics Make Your Last Months Alive Worth Living

“I am at peace with what’s next. The more I prepare to say goodbye, the more at peace I become with that reality."
Donovan Farley
mental health

The Many Obsessions That Can Haunt a Person with OCD

An intimate look at seven lesser-known types of OCD that are darker, harder to talk about, and can remain undiagnosed for years.
Shayla Love
mental health

The More I Allowed Myself to Feel My Anxiety, the Less it Bothered Me​

My coping mechanisms had been avoidant behavior all along.
Sarah Watts

Black Americans Are Being Left Out of Psychedelics Research

One team is trying to figure out how to change that.
Kaitlin Sullivan
mental health

Thousands of Mental Health Professionals Agree Trump is Dangerous

“Just as suspicion of crime should lead to an investigation, the severity of impairment that we see should lead to an evaluation, preferably with the president’s consent.”
Bandy X. Lee
mental health

Military Kids Face Unique Challenges to Their Mental Health

I still feel rootless and restless, stir crazy and uncomfortable with people knowing me for too long.
Madelyn Brown
mental health

Psychedelics Might Be Especially Effective in Treating Depression When Combined With Hypnosis

Scientists are exploring the combination of the power of suggestion and the healing potential of psychedelics.
Lea Surugue

Almost Half of Adults With Autism Are Depressed

Symptoms of depression in adults with autism can be challenging to detect.
Kate Harkness
Chloe C. Hudson

Gun Shop Owners Are Trying to Stop People From Killing Themselves

Two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides.
Talib Visram
mental health

You Couldn’t Tell From My Instagram That I Was Thinking About Killing Myself

We need you to show up when we’re unable to ask for it.
Ali Wunderman
Your Brain

Mental Health Research Needs More People to Donate Their Brains

At a certain point, we need to turn to the human brain for answers about human mental illness.
Shayla Love

Lucid Dreaming Could Help Scientists Understand Mental Illness

The strange, hybrid state of waking consciousness and sleep could tell us new things about our inner lives.
Adhip Rawal