Race and Health

The Need for Patient Advocacy When You're Black in the Doctor's Office

Doctors tells us the most effective ways to advocate for a friend or family member.
George M. Johnson
mental health

How to Tell if You Should See a Psychiatrist Versus a Psychologist

As a general rule, television shows and movies completely screw this up.
Markham Heid
mental health

How Can You Treat Someone Who Doesn't Think They're Mentally Ill?

Laws are being passed that make it possible to compel people to receive treatment for health problems they don’t believe they have.
Carrie Arnold

Parents Need to Do More For Teens With Depression

If you don't let your kid get treated for mental health issues, is that neglect?
Michael Shapiro
Open Minds

Things Can Go Really Wrong When You Suddenly Go Off Your Meds

Talk to your doctor first—this one is worth coughing up that co-pay for.
Kastalia Medrano
united states of addiction

Virtual Reality Could Help Break America's Opioid Addiction

Patients report their pain fell by as much as 75 percent when using the devices.
Jo Marchant
Open Minds

What Really Happens When You Drink While on Psych Meds?

When it comes to drugs, nothing is promised to you.
Kastalia Medrano
We Asked

We Asked People What They Do When They Can't Afford Their Meds

It's not meditation or fish oil.
Cindy Lamothe

There's A Gene Test That Tells You Which Antidepressant Will Work Best

One woman’s unusual experience highlights the potential of precision medicine.
Emily Glover
Feeling The Feels

Magic Mushrooms Could Be the Future of Antidepressants

We spoke to Dr. Mark Bolstridge, a clinical psychiatrist searching for alternative and unusual treatments for depression.
Sophie Hyatt