'Vegaphobia' Is the Dislike of Vegans

More and more people are on plant-based diets, and more and more people resent vegans and vegetarians.
Tani Khara
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This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Give Up Meat

The more subtle effects of going vegetarian.
Grant Stoddard
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The Carnivore Diet Is the Latest Fad to Ignore That Food Does More Than Just Feed Us

While I lost seven pounds on the meat-only diet, it wasn't worth it for many reasons.
Alan Levinovitz

An Investigation Into Why Eating Meat Makes Some People Sweat Profusely

The concept of the meat sweats has been bandied about for decades.
Mark Hay
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Should I Wash Meat Before I Cook It?

Short answer: Your attempt to wash away germs can backfire in a big way.
Joanne Spataro
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Five People Explain Why They Stopped Eating Meat

The average American eats more than 100 pounds of poultry every year.
Melissa Meinzer
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People Who Eat Healthy Are Also Doing the Planet a Big Favor

A new study found that simply following healthy-eating guidelines, which would mean eating less meat, could cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Michelle Malia
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Your Burger Is Contributing to Our Superbug Problem

"As far as imminent threats to human health go, I'd put antibiotic resistance second only to global warming. For 23,000 people, this apocalypse is already here."
Markham Heid
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Summer Health Hazards Are Not a Thing

People are irrationally afraid of algae, sunscreen and sand suffocation.
Jessie Gill

A Meat Tax Is Probably A Good Idea

This past tax day, PETA rolled out an unappetizing idea: a meat tax. But when we dug into the details of their proposal, we found that it's more than just trolling.
Mike Pearl
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Finally, Someone Asked Americans if We Actually Want Lab-Grown Meat

Horse, dog, cat, or cow, anyone?
Susan Rinkunas
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What Happens When a Human Eats Pet Food?

A question for our uncertain times.
Denny Watkins