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Taper Madness Is Real and This Is How You Can Avoid it Before a Big Race

In the weeks before a big marathon—when you're not getting that long-run endorphin hit—things can get a little emotionally haywire.
Allie Volpe

This Single Mom Trained Five Hours a Day for the NYC Marathon

She’s also a grad student, employed full-time, and hopes to qualify for the Paralympics.
Michelle Wheeler
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Some Women Marathoners Run Faster After Giving Birth

The idea of a post-pregnancy performance bump gets passed around among elite female runners. But does it really exist?
Markham Heid
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Nurse Places Fifth in Boston Marathon, Works 10-Hour Shift the Next Day

31-year-old Jessica Chichester drove back to NYC last night.
AC Shilton

Boston Marathon Runner-up Will Use Prize Money to Pay Off Her Student Loans

Sarah Sellers is a registered nurse anesthetist who just won $75,000.
Susan Rinkunas
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Marathon Training Can Help You Take Better Care of Yourself

"You begin to see the true value in your own body and the strength that it has."
Rhi Willmot
Running Wild

Running Can Help People Recovering from Addiction Stay Sober

"I felt this high that I had never felt before—with any drugs, with any alcohol."
Cindy Kuzma
Running Wild

Some Runners Feel Totally Lost After a Big Race

I felt a complete lack of structure and motivation after I crossed the finish line.
Michelle Malia
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These People Wore Masks to Make it Through a Half Marathon

The air quality is that shitty in Delhi, India, right now.
Michelle Malia
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This Woman Started Running Backwards When a Rare Disorder Ruined Her Stride

She finished the New York City Marathon on Sunday without taking a single forward step.
Michelle Malia
Running Wild

I Started Running to Keep Myself Alive

I was broken and suicidal, and focusing on this weekend's NYC marathon kept me going.
Darya Karelina
Not a Sprint

This Playlist Will Keep You From Marathoning Like a Moron

With the right tracks, you'll keep a steady pace without burning out too fast.
Rajul Punjabi