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People With Down Syndrome Need Healthy Sex Lives, Too

"Don't give up and keep on trying."
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria
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This Is What it Means if it Takes You Forever to Ejaculate

Yeah, it's an actual problem.
Seamus Kirst
Living With It

The Stress of My Job Destroyed My Stomach

It took me two months to fix it.
Nick Keppler
is this real life?

My Plastic Surgeon Made My Post-Cancer Breasts Two Sizes Too Small

“This has never happened to me before,” he says.
Lindsay Jean Thomson
You're Smarter Than That

How to Tell the Difference Between a Bad Headache and a Brain Tumor

Relax. It's probably not time to put your affairs in order just yet.
Joanne Spataro
mental health

I Named My Anxiety in Order to Tame It

It’s like talking back to the thoughts in a patronizing way—with an eye roll instead of my full attention.
Eva Recinos
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My Cancer Doctor Suggested I Order a Vagina Egg

He went full-on Goop on me.
Lindsay Jean Thomson

The Family That Doesn't Feel Pain

Their genes could lead to treatment options for people with chronic pain.
Shayla Love
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Cancer Doesn’t Make Me a Victim

I danced at the edge and came back stronger, and happier. So I'm good, thanks.
Lindsay Jean Thomson
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This Is What it's Like to Be Pregnant After an Eating Disorder

I had spent more than 17 years trying to not gain weight, so pregnancy was the scariest time in my life.
Caroline Shannon-Karasik
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There’s No Such Thing as ‘Healthy’ or ‘Sick’ After You’ve Had Cancer

When my oncologist finally gets back to me, she swiftly crushes my idea of remission.
Lindsay Jean Thomson
On Edge

This Is What ‘Self-Care’ Looks Like When You Have a Mental Illness

Singer Shamir Bailey, who has bipolar disorder, breaks down the difference between indulgence and self-preservation.
Shamir Bailey